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Touching Story but yet INSANE Ink’ing

Now that is what I call friends for life..


My Fusion of Tattoos

Well basically I had my first ink’ing experience when I was in the UK. Missing home and holding close to my heart is my family over any other matters in the world. I decided then to actually get a Chinese Character of the word “Family” done on my shoulder.

As what the Tattoo artist mentioned.. IF you get one.. you would definately get more.. which indeed happen in 2008. I had my 2nd ink’ing session done. Why?? Maybe cos I like fishing alot and the water.. But hey.. In Chinese Culture context, fish are considered very lucky. In fact, the Chinese word for fish sounds similar the word for ‘surplus’ or ‘abundance’.

Perhaps for this reason having a koi fish tattoo featuring a beautiful koi fish is supposed to bring you wealth and bounty for years to come??

Well I requested that this time round.. the new Ink’ed would be featured around the “Family” word. So that they would ride together 🙂 And after a freehand drawing session + 3hrs in the chair.. It’s finally done 🙂

My Tattoo


Hi all.. this section is dedicated to all people out there who appreciates been ink’ed.
Well but before you go ahead and get your first tat’. Please make sure it’s really what you really really really one as it’s for life. It’s not some kind of bubble gum, water transfer ink-on type of toy, that you can just wash away.

Please be very sure that it’s what you really really wanted. Before proceeding for the right tat.


Kayak Report – 18th August – Pasir Ris

*Vibrates…..VVbb….* *Stretchs arms under the pillow and off the mobile phone alarm… Time 520am*…
Time to wash up and get ready for some action!! Esp after last weekend trip out with the M.J, the spirits were high.

Met up with Suntan & Flashback at Pasir Ris Pond to get some baits and off we went to Elias Park to launch out Yaks..
We met up with Patrick whom wanted to have a look at the Yak and the set up as he is interested in the Yak for some training purposes 🙂 By 7am, as we were about to launch our Yaks, we were greeting by a lovely Sunrise over the horizon.

From left – FlashBack, Suntan, Mathew

Once into the water, we waved goodbye to Patrick ( Thanks for the drinks and food!! ).. and made our way to the kelongs. With live prawns we were quite confident that we would hit something..

BOY!!! Were we right…!!! I hit into a BUBU!! In the end I had to cut my line.. and Suntan within 5 mins of reaching the destination had both of his line stuck onto a BUBU!!! I had quite enough of the nonsense and decided to peddled back towards shore where I noticed a small opening towards a mangrove swamp and also breakwaters on the side..

Suntan and Flashback decided to try baiting

.. while myself was luring away behind an Army Ground I reckon.. No takers….

Then I noticed from a distance another breakwater with some construction going on … and decided to peddle there while Flashback & Suntan decided to try their luck at the kelongs again..

It took me a good 30mins to peddle to the breakwater and started casting away on my Predatek Lure once again… within my 4th cast I manage to land a small grouper that is almost the same size with the lure!!

After a few shots it was time to say good bye .. as you can see the water was super super unclean manz!!

At this moment.. I decided it was time to join back with the guys as I was getting abit too far from the rest. I could hardly make out where they were.. So it was a hard peddle back at least another 15-25mins before I met up with them.. Just then Suntan had a take on his Tamban jigs and given the way it was fighting it was not a tamban for sure

However it was not meant to be with the fish running for the sticks.. I presume it might be a small queenie or something…
Well..at least it was fun while it lasted.

Another hour into the fishing and we decided to call it a day… However, we decided to stop by the Information Kiosk to enquire where the fish went today!!! LOL …

It’s was definately another fun day out with the guys 🙂 All in all.. just 1 Grouper, 1 Selar, 1 Unknown fish.. 3 Bubus..