Reel and Rod in Hospital

Haiz damn sad.. Today I’ve sent my reel a Daiwa Megaforce MF100TSHL Left Hand Model for repairs at Hotspot. As after my last trip and wash down, I reckon something on the inside cracked that when I reel back my twitching bar activates as well… Actually it’s quite a good reel I might say.. Esp for the price I paid for it.


Cast well, handles fish well.. Drag is quite soild.. Love it!! Now the sad part .. it seems like I’ve got to be prepared to be out of action with my reel for 3 to 4 weeks or longer. As it seems Daiwa takes forever to get it fix and this is a common issue with this reel. Haiz …

Then I finally brought my favourite Ultra light rod by Greys to get it’s guide fixed, well at least that would only take like 1 week.. Here’s the write up on it 🙂 I reckon I might be the only one in Singapore with that rod though as I personally hand carried it in from UK. But then again I might be wrong 🙂

Sad day it is.. to know that I’ll be without my reel for 1mth.. and not forgetting my Daughter, Ashleigh has been having fever on and off for the past 3 days.. One more day like that and back to the doctors again.. 😦 Hope she recovers real soon and well.

Till then.. Cheerios


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