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Bird Fishing for a fish

Got to love this…
Amazing what some birds can think off to get their prey!!


Lure Anglers Society Lit666 visit to Singapore

Though the fishing was bad.. but the company was great 🙂
Hope you have a good one when you get back to UK mate..
Maybe I might try to make a trip up soon.. IN conjunction to one of the LAS matches LOL…


Fishing on board ” It’s Gr-R-Reat!!!”

Finally our pre-longed booked boat fishing weekend had arrived. The 4 excited anglers met up at punggol marina at 830am to get ready to board the boat, It’s Gr-R-Reat!!! that it’s been chartered by Jimmy.

All was onboard and off we went to get our Kilo of Live Prawns.. and to our first spot.
The first spot gave mark 2 Ang Kways on his first 2 drops. That was about it with the odd small bites but nothing solid. Off to the 2nd spot..

Now this spot would be the saving grace of the day, a total of 4 Solid Chermins & 2 FUGU (Released) were landed. Peili lost 1 fish, Mark had a one way ticket which almost spooled him but was saved by the breakage of the main line leader..

Our 3 spot, Peili had a nice fingermark but bouncing her sinker and let it drift with the current.. Up to this time, I was the only one not catching fish. Of which I was not confident of my baiting skills as I pretty much lure then bait.

We swap only 3 more spots but yield no results. Then we started trolling and luring. That was when I landed my first fish a grouper on lure. My brother had 2 more the lure trolling… and one monsterous take which finally SPOOLED HIM!!! BWAHAHAHAHAA…… We suspected it was a barracuda as it peeled line off like a bullet train and we were trolling for them.

Then it’s time to go back after almost 12hrs of fishing. Great company.. great fun.. it GREAT on board It’s Gr-R-Reat!!!.. Kudos to the boatman, Jimmy for a wonderful time out at sea.


LAS Member, Steve from UK Visiting

Meeting a friend in about 1hr, from the Lure Angler Society (LAS,UK) as he is dropping by our little island for a short stay. I first met him on the LAS forum when I was in UK and went to a couple of their fishing meets and competition. Pretty good fun I might say.

So fishing plans for today would be to the CnR pond at FarmWay3.. Which I’ve prepared with the help of Sharon, Kambong Strips + Head & 1kg worth of cockles. Hope he would be able to land some decent there.

We plan to fish about 2hrs there, followed by another 2hrs of luring for peacock bass or whatever fishes that would take our lures readily. Hope the peacock bass would be biting today…

Stay tuned for the report 🙂 Hope all would go on fine today and he will be happy with the fishing results.

Social Vibe

I’ve added a widget link on the bottom left called Social Vibe..
For every rating of video.. This company called Body Glove would help out with the WWF.
For just a little efforts lets do our part in helping our earth and make it a little greener 🙂

No funds needed to pay.. Just click and rate..
Cheers to all in advance!!


My First Kim on my Kayak

Yawnz!! Darn it.. only 2hrs sleep. My son of 6mths had decided to choose the day that I’m going out at 5am to wake up tons of time and disturb my wife and myself. Oh well all part and parcel of been parents ain’t it.

Anyway met up with Merv whom sorted out the baits for today. .CHEERS BUDDY.. Next is on me.
We set up our gears by about 7am and off we went to a new spot somewhere in the small island of Singapore.

Armed with 300grams of prawns.. it was almost finished within 1hr 30mins!! AMAZING..
Almost instantly when we drop our prawns we had a take. Thanks to Merv trusty fishfinder. I really got to get myself one of this wonderful gadgets!!

My first prawn down… resulted in a fast take..!! Bam Wham.. Strike.. And the fish flew into the air. Manz another herring!!! Hooked up a prawn and drop down again.. this time round on the way down something took it.. Thinking it was a herring I decided to let it swallow longer and then decided to give it a strike!!

A BAR OF THICK SILVER flashed at the side and the unmistaken head of a Barra appeared!! WOOOO!!!
I told my wife that the Rod she bought for me would be lucky!! Indeed it has been. The then mul-functioned Abu2500 has been then brought to life!! No problems so far on this trip with the reel really happy. Might just change the bearings though 🙂

After a brief fight the fish was landed at a approximate of 2kgs+.
Happy days mate!!! It’s been awhile since I landed a wild kim. My one bag limit per trip has been achieved 🙂 Oh and before I forget.. Just as I was into the Kim.. Merv had a strong take.. which was bending his rod like into a C.. Before it got stuck into an structure.. Unlucky!!

My Kim
Wild Kim

In my Yak and getting my shorts all slimed up.
In the Yak

Shortly after.. Merv had a strong take.. Which left us wondering what fish was it. Barra? Ang Cho?
But as the fight came to an end.. it turned out to be a huge cat!!!

The day went on with Merv friend, Jay came and tag along with us… We had a couple more hits on the herring.. some unknown whacks!! 1 more monster cat by Merv… Before we decided to head back to shore as it was getting too hot and we had errands to run.

Final Pose 🙂


Cheers til then..!!
Tight Lines and Screaming Reels..
Just before I forget. .I LOVE MY NEW ROD!!! Thanks Dear!!

A busy week ahead of fishing…

This coming week would be a super week of fishing appointments..
Monday I would be out kayaking with Mervin and his friend.
Tuesday I might be Receeing some fishing spots with Alan and friend.
Friday I will be bringing a friend from UK fishing to the spots we recee on tuesday.
Sunday I will be out on “It’s GGGReat” chartered by Jimmy. Going with my brother and friends.

MAN!!! This is the first time in my life.. that I will be fishing like 4 out of 7 days!!!
Totally Insane!!! Man looks like I got to rush out all my outstanding projects by tonight to make way for my week to come..

Better get starting on my work then 🙂