Daily Archives: October 2, 2009

Jobs & Fishing

Recently I’ve been job hunting and been so far for 3 interviews..
1) Financial Consultant
2) BB ( Programmes Executive)
3) Customer Service Agent ( Apple)

So far the one with the most possiblilty of hiring would be at Apple bah.. Though it’s only a 6 month contract. But hopefully when I’m in there, I’ll be able to source out another job within the company after the 6months contract. Pay wise is not too bad so can’t complain at the moment.

Other then that, I’ve been out fishing recently on the yak at night. And last night the PCG escourted us back to our launch area as they mentioned that we can’t kayak at night. So that’s a shame.. So Merv and myself just plong ourselves by the beach and he managed to get a mangrove jack, grouper and herring. Whereas myself, I manage to get 2 hits on my halco rooster but no hooks up.

Apart from that, tomorrow I will be heading out on the yak again.. This time with Ian and Merv. Hopefully the weather would be good and the fishing would be even better 🙂
Stay by for another report coming your way 🙂