Daily Archives: October 4, 2009

A date with the Diamond

The video report sums up our fishing trip for Saturday.. It was definately the best days of fishing on the Kayak by far. With great weather, great fishing and what more can you ask … great fishing buddies on the kayak!!
Here’s the story of the day…

We met up at sincere tackle at 6am to stock up on whatever equipments we needed and Merv was kind enough to get the prawns once again.. and we settled for 600 grams worth of live prawns all hand picked by Merv. Soon after we made our way to our spot..

Since Merv is a member of the marina we could launch our kayaks there and head straight to the mangroves which saves us about 15mins peddle if we were to launch from sembawang end. Anyway back to the fishing… We arrived back at our spot.. and Merv was mentioning that there are fishes EVERYWHERE..
His Echo Sounder was bouncing off fish like no tomorrow..

Prawn down!!! Merv had an instantaneous tap on his rod which soon turned into a huge bend.. Just then from the back of his kayak.. a herring exploded out of the water. Ian who was on the grub by then had a couple of hits as well.. Which in turn had a monster take.. which lead his kayak to be turned by the movement of the fish.. But the fish not to be outdone manage to shake off the hook.

Just then, Merv had a strong take.. but no fish exploding out of the water so we reckon it could be a good fish by the way it took.. After a brief tussle, a diamond slivery shape appeared.. OMG CHERMIN also known as diamond trevally!! Straight away, Ian and myself were done with the lures and onto the live prawns. Which proved to be the right move to do. Before we know it we were into fishes as well..

When the action started to die down abit.. I had a huge take which tow me away from my kakis at super speed.. It was a herring for sure but a damn big one.. I reckon its about 3 coming 4ft. It was just short in length of my front portion of the kayak. And since my kayak is about 10.5ft its an estimation of about 3ft+ herring.. Super power..!! In the end only to lose it by the boat when about to land. A last effort of a headshake by the fish broke my leader line!!!

It was almost a Lok Jiak session I would say.. Incidents like fish wrapping around the anchor rope.. Or kayak bumping into each other all happened because of the tow of the kayak. It was fun and funny. This went on for 2 hours.. By then the ice box on board our Mother Ship Airis was almost full with Chermin. We then decided to stop and head off to another spot. What a wrong move.. for the next 2 hrs we had totally not a single bite.

Soon Ian had to leave and we went on shore to take a pic of the total catch so far. Amazingly we had 11chermins + 1 Herring. By then we had also lost I reckon at least 7 takes on prawn or spit hooks by the Herrings.

Soon after Merv and myself went back to the spot.. and had a few more lost bite.. 2 more chermins and 2 more catfish.. My first catfish on my kayak since I first started.. We then decided to head back when the weather turned again us with heavy winds and signs of heavy rain..

Overall one of the most solid fishing days I had by far..