Daily Archives: October 7, 2009

What a COW day..

Today as mentioned that I’ve got good news from APPLE… we decided to stop by the Arcade at Westmall after dropping our 2 kids.. As usual we were going about playing the UFO catcher.. Low and Behold.. Sharon caught the biggest and meanest ( Cutest ) Cow on her 2nd try!!! ….

So that’s another soft toy coming home with us today.. MoooOOOooo…
Maybe it’s a sign to catch a Giant Milk Fish tomorrow!!! WOO!!




Great News & Out Tomorrow..

I’ve received GREAT NEWS… I just called up Apple to follow up on my application and the consultant told me that she had Confirmed my job and is waiting for the HR to process the application!!! So she mentioned that I’ve got the job.. so that’s a good news.

Tomorrow will be going out on the kayak with Jimmy aka Suntan aka my uncle that got me into the kayak fishing. Not sure what to expect from the fishing but hey at least it’s a day out fishing 🙂 Merv will be joining us later at about 9am after running all his errands I reckon 🙂

So I’m going to pray for good weather.. and good fish!! 🙂