Kayak Fishing Report – 17th Oct – Sembawang

Today was a special day as we had another few more kayak’ers joining us out fishing but later on in the day.
It started off quite slow but Merv managed to chance upon a school of Ang Cho and landed 2 in a row.. Before he landed another 2 more groupers..

Soon it went quite for all of us. I then noticed Merv was moving to another spot and I said to Ian jokingly ” Hey we better follow the mother ship.. he seems abit dodgy!!!” At this point I decided to slowly paddle and drift my prawn. Just as I was closing in to the mothership, I felt an all familiar tap at the line.. and soon I was into a Chermin!!

Ian followed suit and was soon rewarded with a handsome 1kg+ Tiger Grouper!!! Then it went quite again with the current picking up like no tomorrow. We then met up with the new convoy of kayaks before carrying on fishing..

I was lucky to hit into another chermin just before I had to leave to send my wife to work. Man the paddling back was a killer as I was going against the current which took me at least 45mins to hit back shore!!
Over all it was a nice and relaxing day out with the guys.. with some extra fishes that brought life to the trip.

just a short 1min clip 😛


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