Kayak Fishing Report – 24th Oct – ???

With some last min confirmations, the trip was on for this saturday morning. Ian is currently away in Rompin having a blast at the sailfish. We hope that he managed to achieve what he wanted to do in the first place which was to land a sailfish on a kayak!! …

Anyway today we had a new kaki, Alex that tagged along with us for the first time. After taking the secrecy oath of fisherman. We met up at the desired place at 545 to load up our ammo.. and headed straight to our launch point.

However, when we were about to start to unpack, our Captain “Merv” of the Mothership realised that he forgot his pump!! Therefore had to make u-turn back and leaving us to try the desired spot along without his awesome tracking and hunting prowess.

Once Alex and myself set up, we headed off and after about 20mins of paddle, we reach our first spot of the day.. Alex within 5mins had a take and brought up a nice Ang Cho!! Congrats matez!! 🙂

Soon after I was into 2 of them 🙂 This was within a span of 15mins!!! Not a bad day of fishing I would reckon. I even thought we had stumbled across a ang cho school!!

Soon after, I spotted the “Mothership” approaching us from the horizon. I therefore, paddled over to greet him. Just at the same moment, I witness a huge take on Merv trolling kit. Which was attached to a Rattin Rap again.. However it was not meant to be and the leader gave way after a short fight.

But not to be outdone, Merv was the first one into a Herring and landed it.

Along the way we lost quite a few Herrings.. I estimated a total of about 15+ bites!!! Some of the highlights of the day was that I landed my biggest Herring till date!!.. I once lost it… but now I found it !!!

Not to be outdone, Alex managed to get a herring as well :).. At one point it was almost a “Do Ray Me” situation where all of us had a take one after another..

Not to mentioned I also had my biggest chermin till date on this trip as well.. Weighing at almost 1.5kg!!

But all in all it was quite a trip..with a total of about 10 Herrings landed, 3 Ang Cho’s, 1 Catfish, 1 Chermin..However the lost bites or thrown hooks were just as many. I’ve estimated at least close to about 10+ takes between us or more that we lost..

At the end of the day, it was just great fun been out in the water with excellent kakis and loads of rod bending actions + fish flying action too!!!

Till next week.. I hope 🙂


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