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Fishing on the bed

930pm and am resting in bed half dead after 4 days of disturb sleep. I reckon I might only had like 3hrs a sleep each night as my son Kenson is not feeling well and have been crying almost every hour each night. Man those eye bags are really showing now!!

Am so hoping that I’ll be able to have a good night rest tonight, however I doubt that might be the case!! If my son is going to wake me up again like the past few days am so going to take urgent leave to rest in!! It’s worse then doing night shift on patrol!!!

Talking bout fishing I can start to hallucinate the sea calling out to me!! The fishes that would bend my rod, break it and yet still be happy bout it.

Am now doing so flick fishing on my iPhone and caught a couple of pikes, carps, roach and even a sailfish!!! But still nothing beats the real deal!

Just the other night I even had a dream that I was in singapore and while walking along the shoreline, I show tons and tons of fishes ranging from barras to snappers and the sorts!!! Talk bout withdrawal symptoms ain’t it!!

Maybe just maybe I would have a nice fishing dream again tonight!!


Out of action!!

Hi all followers of this blog. Just a shout out to say that I’ll be out of action for the following 2 weeks as I’ll be spending much quality time with my family. Not to mention the busy schedule at work as well.

Today’s the 24th which means it’s Ashleigh birthday. She’s 3 this year and for that we are heading into malaysia for the weekend. Originally meant to be fishing off Its Great with my bro and wife. However we had issues on who can look after my kids so we had to let go our slots and head to Malaysia which ain’t so bad.

Oki better stop here as my iPhone batt is dying. Have a good week ahead guys!!!!

Airis Angler

A very good friend of mine has been offered distributer-ship of the Airis. Should anyone be interested please head to

Maybe if you mentioned that u came from my blog then maybe you might get a slightly better price but can’t confirm that at the moment but you can always give try!!!

Kayak Fishing Report – 1st Nov – New Spot!!

Today the trio met up again to get their prawns in the wee hours of 545am and headed off to their new location. After all the pumping and organizing, we were soon on the way.. First off to hit into a fish was IAN!!! Ian was trolling a lure and my oh MY!! A 2kg Ang Cho hit it hard!! What a way to start off a day!!


Shortly after Merv had a big take as well.. “zzzzZZZz Wooo hooo!!!” However we all heard the inevitable “SNAP” Merv braided mainline of 14lbs broke! That was one heck of a fish!! ..

Soon, We decided to try a new spot. By then, I had one small Ang Cho which I released. Ian had another small ang cho on a berkley power grub!!.. Merv once again lost a few more fishes.. What seems like a bad days of fishing for him was all about to change~~!!

On the way to the spot, I managed to hit a small GuHood!! Which was a surprise.. A first for me on my kayak!

Anyway I was first to reach the new spot, with some baitfish jumping about, I decided to cast towards that direction. Almost immediately, I had a strong take that double down my rod!! In the mist of fighting it, it let go and took the bait almost instantly again!! Fought awhile more and lost it!!! DARN!! ..

On comes a new prawn and down it went.. AGAIN!!! But this time, I managed to land it.. A table size ANG CHO!!! Weee After a photo, and into my cooler bag, down went another prawn and AGAIN AGAIN!!!! Up came another one!! WOAH!! ANG CHO SCHOOL!!.. Just when I wanted to hook up another prawn, I realised that I had NO MORE PRAWNS!!! ARGH!! ..

I tried shouting on the top of my voice to get either Merv’s or Ian’s attention but to no avail. I tried called Merv but his Iphone batt was out. DARN!! Got to paddle back… just then Ian saw me and I started waving my paddle and soon both came over..

By then the school must have moved off.. But I had another strong take but lost it DARN!!! … Merv was rewarded with a nice 4lb grouper 🙂 Well done mate!!

Soon we headed back to shore happily with the catches.. We lost quite abit which could have add up the score abit more.. But overall it was a fun day’s of fishing! Great company & Good Fishing. What can I ask more!!

Picture time back at the club!
Total Catch

My pose with the grouper!

Ian Inspecting the groupers weight.

Ian with his Exclusive Catch!! Well DONE!!

Till next week…