Monthly Archives: December 2009

It’s been awhile

since I’ve last blog in my wordpress. In fact it feels like eternity. The truth be told, I was hardly out at sea. Or even if I could, I was pretty exhausted from the shift work that I was experiencing at Apple and following up looking after my 2 hyped up kids. Lets call them Monster#01 & 02.

Not to mentioned my digi-cam broke down which left me camera-less for quite abit. I reckon since then I’ve only been on 3 trips out.
Oh which 2 proved to be fruitless as the water was too cold. No regular groupers, herrings, chermins or the sort. Just the same old prawn sticking on the hook swimming about LOL.

The previous trip out last sunday saw me landing one herring and one chermin back to back. At least it seems that our favorite spot is not starting to fire back up to life slowly but surely. Unfortunately as mentioned there was no photo taken. I’ve gave the fish to Merv as I had to make a move early at about 10am to make sure I’ve got ample time to change and rush off to JB for a wedding dinner.

As expected the jam on the way back on a long weekend, sunday night was horrible. Even till today am feeling the side effect of driving a manual car. With all the clutch control and stuff my left hip bone has been aching. Even walking up the stairs it would sting abit!! Signs of aging I guess.. Pretty sure my unlimited amount of energy has been since sucked dry by the 2 monsters at home that requires the ever needed attention from their Dad LOL..

On the side note, Sharon and the 2 monsters, Ashleigh and Kenson, were baptized on X’mas day which was a cool thing. Am so happy for them all esp Sharon as she has been a believer for almost coming 10 over years and finally she got baptized!! I know it’s tough on her esp. when her family members are not christians as well. But nonetheless, love ya!!!

Apart from that, I’ve tendered my resignation to Apple yesterday as I was offered it seems a more challenging and exciting job within the arts/events industry. So am looking forward to 2010 which hopefully would bring me to higher heights. May 2010 be a blessing to all of us and HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Not forgetting plentiful of tight lines and bags full of fishes!!!