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Fish’in Singapore

Hi guys,
started my own forum for the fun of it. It’s called FishinSingapore. Free Host, Free Forum. Can’t ask for anything else.

It’s still quite bare at the moment and I’m also working around the visual part of it as well. Just toyed around with it earlier in the evening.

Anyway the link would be the following

Have fun and hope to see you guys there…



Kayaking with Activesports

After several calls and liaising, 3 of us inclusive of Sherman from Activesports, Alex and myself was to meet at punggol beach to do some light fishing for Selar as we have both seen the nice selar that alex has been catching..

Met up with Sherman earlier to get my inner tubing sorted..!!! Once again excellent customer service from them!! Alex soon followed up and he was out at sea first while Sherman and myself was sorting out our kayaks.

Today’s target and reccomendation to fish for selar was the first red beacon on the left side of the jetty.

We soon arrive there after paddling against the current. While I was showing Sherman how to catch baitfish but no selars in sight. Just some small baitfish that goes “croak..”. It was then that I realize that it was not Alex usual Selar spot..

With such kind of baitfish around, I decided not to waste my time and head to the nearest breakwater to lure for groupers. However since it was an incoming tide, I was constantly push toward the rocks. Soon I decided to call it quits!!

So off kayaking me and Sherman went back against the current!! Bid our farewells to Alex and headed back.

All in all it was lousy fishing but a good kayaking trip out with Sherman and a great chance to talk and know more bout him!!

Next time Sherman, I’ll make sure you will land a decent fish on your kayak for the first time!!!

Till then!!

Ashleigh’s first fish!!

Following a blanking session on a Friday night on the kayaks, I brought my family with my sick daughter whom was suffering from Stomach Flu since last Thursday out for some fresh air.

But before so, we were off to the doctors for a 2nd opinion that it’s not some kinda or Rota Virus or such. Turns out it was some kind of viral infection that caused the stomach flu. Oh well in the end, we were at Bottle Tree Park visiting a friend that was suppose at the new fresh water sports fishing pond.

Had a nice chat with Yifong when he hooked into a fish and insisted that I fight the fish. In the end I managed to land a nice Rohu I think. Soon after I realised that they have a family session pond which was $10 for 30mins. So I decided to give it a try.

With some help from the operators we managed to assist Ashleigh. Wooo a nice tilapia caught!!
Ashleigh was quite surprised at how it was tugging at the end of the line but soon just as it was out of the water.. She ran off and was scared of the fish!! It took me quite awhile before to Coax her into taking a photo with the fish. Soon she agreed 🙂

So hopefully she would soon be into fishing as well and follow her daddy out on a trip or 2 =)

Here’s me with my daughter and her first fish!!

Can’t get any better!!

It can’t get any better with such a good inflatable kayak and backing it up with such excellent customer service from our local distributer ActiveSports!!

I thought I had an issue with my kayak and within 2 days of my first email to them, I found mesel at their warehouse having some tests done to my kayak checking on my tubes which turn out oki!!

Must have scare me to bits when it deflated so weirdly.. But somehow it was okie today. What was assuring, was the fact that Sherman told me that even after 1yr we could still go back and they will see how they can help us!!

After a couple of test and explainations I felt much more assured that my kayak is still sea worthy to keep on hunting down those fishes!!

Had a nice chat with him and bought myself a new paddle, footpump for alex and my wife bought me a nice AE fold top waterproof bag for me to use while out sea!!

Can’t wait till my next trip out with my new paddles and still can’t believe how much fun am getting out of my kayak!!

Am really impress with the boat let alone with the customer service they provide!! Thumbs up mates at ActiveSports and many thanks for the help!!

10/01 – A pair day!

With time constraints on Merv and myself, we weren’t able to take up Ian’s offer to fish in Changi.

So we decided to try some mangrove bashing for a change!! Armed with lures and 400 grams of prawns we had only 4hrs to finish the lot!

After a slight issue of launching we were on the way!! With all said and done, the human fish finder was on his way!! First 4 fishes was to me!!! 2 herrings and 2 chermins via the shallows.

Soon merv was into the fish as well with 2 ang chos and 2 herrings but then some boat came up to us to check us out and scared the fishes away!!! Just when the action was picking up!!

So off we went to a new spot where I had 1 solid take that I lost!! Landed one ang cho and burst my 60lb leader to another fish!!

Activated Merv to the spot and soon he was into 2 kims!!!! Overall it was a good days of fishing and that we finished our prawns!!

On the downside as I was deflating my kayak somehow I heard a bursting sound and it seems that the membrane that was separating the 2 main air chamber broke! So now the kayak is now just 1 air chamber!!

Looks like now this kayak angler is going to be out of season for awhile till the kayak issue is settled!!

Till the next time!
Tight lines!!

Mathew Tan

03/01/10 – New Year Kayak Trip out!!

It was a long awaited trip and soon it was time to HUNT!
The anglers which consists of Merv, Ian, Richard and myself met up in the wee hours at Tg.Beach in Sentosa and was soon out into the open seas within 40mins.

It started off as a bad day with me. One of my paddle blades decided to break off at the securing portion of the pole section. Thus I was not able to lock my paddle. Just as I was looking at the prospects of going back and head into bed, Ian the saviour had a spare paddle!!! However another hip-cup that happen.. 500Grms of live prawns that Ian bought was frozen to death LOL…. But thankfully Richard bought about 400grms of live prawns as well.

Crossing the huge channel was a challenge for me as I’ve never crossed such huge waves before. We made it just in time before the current picked up and we could see white caps forming around the channel that we just crossed. Man.. thank god that we made it in time!!

The designated area that we wanted to originally fish was in a position that we had to endure the strong winds and making it hard to fish so we took shelter behind the island and started to wet our lines.

I noticed that it was Flooded with weeds so working a deep diver was out of the question. I opt for a suspending lure instead which proved to be a right choice!! Almost 5mins within casting I had a take!! Wooooo First fish of 2010 on lure, from the kayak.. goes to a decent table size GROUPER!!

Back to the mothership to drop it into the icebox… soon I was drifting again along the shore lines and casting horizontally to the shore and I had a bigger take that pulled my kayak slightly. Ian whom just happened to be there was exclaiming “Mate thats a decent fish!!”… And up came number 2!! Woot!!!

Soon after the tide was rising and I didn’t get anything more spectacular except for some small coral fishes. At least everyone caught something that day ranging from coral fishes, parrot fishes, todak and even a Stonefish!!

It was definitely a pleasure to be out with the guys again and roaming the seas!! Am so looking forward to the next time out!!
Till then have fun, tight lines and god bless!