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New piece of Kit

I finally got myself a fish finder! A Garmin Fishfinder 140! After using my uncles GFF 90. I felt that it really helps when we are out at sea!!

Anyway manage to hotwire it and now running on a small 12v 1.3h batt. Should last for a good 3 hrs!!

Now all is left – building up the fish finder holder! Hopefully I can get all the bits and pieces by today and use it for tomorrow trip out!!

With this kit. I can properly declare that my kayak is fully equipped to the max!

So far I done:
1) paddles holder
2) bait tube
3) anchor pulley system ( thx Ian for illustrations)
4) Rod holders
5) Upcoming fish finder holder!

Maybe some decals to personalize the boat? Thanks Ian, Merv and Paul for all the advice on the fishfinders.

Not forgetting my wife for her support in this sport of mine.


Whacky Wonky Wednesday!!

After a morning session of meetings, Merv and I decided on a last minute session up north in the mangroves.

We thought of a couple of points to launch.. One behind the ITE at yishun which leads almost directly to the mangroves or take the harder way by Yishun Dam.

After recee’ing both sides we decided to head to Yishun Dam instead.. After carefully heading down the rocks, we proceeded towards Pulua Seletar and left into the mangroves…

Merv spotted a nice rock dam structure that had broken and hook up a prawn and cast towards it with his spinning rod. I, on the other hand was using my newly acquired rod and had a small sinker with my rig set up.

I decided I give it a test cast to see if I could reach the structure and barely did so.. So I just crank in as per norm!! Just then I felt a familiar take! ‘WHat The???’. The line was goig sideways!! Which stupid fish would just take a plain hook without bait at all???

The Heroric Tarpon

Turned out that it was a smal tarpon!! My first on a kayak!!
I’ve caught mullet with my bare hands before but this was just crazy!! Hook with no bait caught me a tarpon!

Merv’s Tarpon

Up it came for a nice photo!! After a few mins, I saw some more tarpon rolling on the surface. So I clipped on my white strike pro minnow and worked it at different speeds.. Then I decided to do with 2 slow cranks – stops – 1 fast crank – stops – 3 slow cranks..

On my third cast, a sudden “Oommp” sound, water swirling just beneath the surface, my rod bent double! Line was pulling out, back and forth the fight lasted a good 5mins. With a few areo-displays, a nice barramundi appeared from the depths!! A good 4.5kg barra!! 9-10lb fish!!! The biggest on my yak!!

My Biggest Barramundi

After a few photos, Merv carried on casting towards that broken structure. And had a take!! A nice table size grouper came up.

The wind started picking up and fishing was hard. Merv had another grouper, tarpon and herring. Myself, just 1 more Barra weighing at 2.5kg!!! Lucky me!!

2nd of the day.

Overall it was another fantastic days out for a last min plan! I kinda regretted not launching from the ITE side as I could see it from where we were fishing! So it was another hard paddle back to the dam against the wind and off home we went!!

A day to remember!! One which caught me my biggest barra on lure and one that caught me a fish without bait!!

Mini Gathering at the north

The weekend arrived and with plans made, I prepared my kayak and stuff a short session out at sea!

With the sun still rising from his slumber, a group of fisherman waits for the exclusive catch from shore! Not to mention a group of kayakers heading out as well!

With a total kayaks of 6 we went in search of fishes in the north. However most of us Blanked!! With a few bites!

I only had 4 takes by sotongs that came along side my boat! Paul had a good take.. Heard someone had a grunter..

Water condition was bad as it was infested with jellyfish. But at least my bro and myself stumble across s sotong/cuttlefish spot!! We will be there soon to do some eging!

Here are some photos to go taken by brother Mark, which I used a LOMO effect on them.

Paddle holder for my AE Frame

Last week while I was at Giant Supermarket observing a setup, I notice this piece of kit which I knew I could convert it to a paddle holder.

And so I took it home and snap it on.. Field tested it on Sunday along with the AE Backbone.

Let’s start with the AE backbone, it was quite straight forward to get it on but quite tough to get it out..

Don’t really feel it under your yak when you paddle.. However, I dun really feel any difference to my kayak.. Maybe if I would be able to tell the difference in a couple more trips out. So I can’t conclude how well that product accessory is at the moment. Stay tune for a more detailed review!

The clip on the other hand worked wonders!’ And here are the pictures of it!! Photos coutesy of my brother Mark!

AE Frame up for Grabs..

A good friend of mine is thinking of selling his AE Frame. Used not more then 3 times.. In wicked good condition.
Those interested please let me know and I will get a quote from him… Leave you name and email in the comment box and I will get back to you on the pricing and whats included.


Bring on the weekend!!!

Can’t wait for the weekend to arrive though it’s a Monday!! I need my fishing fix!

My brother is all ready for his next paddle.. My kayak is all patched and ready to go!! So bring on the fishes!!!

Now it’s a matter of fishing either Saturday or Sunday as my friends would like to go to KuKup, JB for a day trip.. Well at least we would be having seafood!!

On the way to work now and clearing my mind of all fishing stuff to concentrade on work later!! Ooooshhh!!

Well then stay tune for the report end of the week!! Target!! 7 kgs SENG!!! I hope not hehehe…

Tight lines folks!

All the way from UK

Hi all, let me introduce you to one of my fishing buddy Steve!! He stays in the UK and pops by to Singapore once a year for the pass 3 yrs!!

Well I met him through a small circle of lure anglers in the UK! He is from the Lure Anglers Society! Well so when he is in Singapore I will sort him out for some fishing.

Just had some photos from him luring in the cool waters of UK!! Caught himself a nice Zander and a Carp on a grub!

Thought I might post it up here since I’m not fishing today and also to spice up the blog abit with something different!!

Thanks Steve for your contribution!!
And hope to see you soon over in Singapore for some Kayak Fishing mate!!