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Foot IN!!! CR 31/05/10

What a way to end the last day of May 2010. A long awaited trip was planned and 3 friendly, fun-going, gentle anglers were out on their way for a short session of paddling and fishing.

The 3 consist of Jimmy, Merv and myself. We met up for the usual breakfast of roti prata and also ice milo. Soon, we found outside on the way to the launch pad.

After all the pumping was done.. Baits were split. Off we went. Jimmy was on his brand new Airis. With his Brand New Abu 2500c, Orange + Brand new Rapala rod <— Highly Recommend the rod. Really light good for luring long hours. Okie back to the report.

First into a fish was Merv, a nice tarpon followed by a Herring. Then it was quite quiet for abit. I then managed to land a small ACK on the live prawn which was released.

That was when Jimmy had secretly clipped on onto my kayak and requested to go out sea… So off I went paddling unknowingly he was 'Taggin' along. Just then, his drag went off and next thing we knew, his line was way back at shore! I thought to myself it can't be a rock right?? As if it was it would have long pulled off his line. It was only then I realized that Jimmy had clip himself to me! Classic Moment!

Just then from a distance, a huge jump was sighted in front of Merv, but he didn't know it was Jimmy fish that was on the line!.. Soon after about 3mins of cranking.. A beautiful Barramundi came up!! I reckon it was in the region of 3-4kg.

After a few photos, it was released to fight another day. So off we went off in search of a spot..
Our experience Merv then guided the way and anchored down with 2 of us clipping to him. Down our prawns went. Soon I had a bite which I manage to convert it a decent fish! A just nice table size chermin! Woot!

After that I decided to make a call to a client.. and Jimmy was into a fish!! And it was BIG ONE!!! … Towing his boat along and the rod almost bend double.. But alas.. the line had to snap!! Oh well.. try again mate 🙂
This time.. Merv was getting bites and stuff but somehow the fish tend to just miss the pointed hook all together

Jimmy was then into another fish again!! This time it was a chermin.. which a photo was taken promptly and the fish ‘released’ into the wild!

After this it went quiet for awhile and soon we all were been comfortable in our kayaks. Merv and myself had our feets in the water enjoying the day. Jimmy then commented ” Hey Mathew, don’t ever put your feet over the water, as your sole in the water is white.. It looks like fish.. Be careful, as Barracudas might whack it mistaking it for food!”… Merv and myself just laughed away.. little did we know what was going to happen..

Jimmy then just shouted for fun.. AH SENG ARR!!!! And mins later he had a solid fight on.. I then decided to leave him in a lurch and de-clip him!! Allowing him to be towed away!.. Suddenly the fight went dead and up came a freshly CHOMPED into half Chermin!!

Upon seeing this.. Up came our legs from the water!! LOL…

Here’s the poor fish!!

Oh well… in the end.. I had my first sickle fish on the kayak!.. Good fight I would say! very Impress 🙂

Soon we all had to go off as we had appointments with clients and love one..
Thanks guys for the wonderful day out.. Next time we learn a lesson. Never bring someone out who has new boat.. new rod and new reel LOL..



The deal for lures didn’t come through… Well will keep on searching for good lures.
Hopefully in time for the kayak competition in July.


Stay tune…

I’m currently looking into bringing some lures into the market to sell as a side line or who knows kick start a small fishing biz if all goes well..

So liaising with some factories with some samples now… Hopefully I can see some sample within a week or 2. Do a product test on a field day out at sea on the kayak.. and determine if it’s a good lure to bring in or not.
Some factors that I’ll be quite particular would be the finishing and workmanship.. Action wise as well.

So far I’ve highlight 3 lures in the making.. I’m pretty sure big lure lovers would love them.. Grouper hunters would be a sucker with a capability of 6mtr dive… Well lets see how it goes and I will update on my blog should there be any progress..

Also sourcing out some stuff for all the simple DIY Lure lovers as well 🙂 So stay tuned!

Fish onz!

Aching arms!!

The title says it all..
After missing out on fishing for quite a few weeks due to work commitments, some super duper last min arrangement between me and Merv was made. We met up at our Tango Point and pumped up our inflatables. A short walk down to the beach and off we went.. Little did I know that the whole trip paddle too and fro would haven been a good 9km in total if we paddle in a straight line.. But I reckon we did a good 12km in total..

If there was a time that I’ve wanted to give up paddling on the way back.. Today would be it.. Even at the end when we were almost reach shore.. I dread the fact that I’ve got to carry the yaks up together with Merv… Ooohh My poor arms!!
I bet Merv would have thought the same!

That been said.. the highlight of the day would be Merv catching a 4-5kg Queenie!! Excellent acrobatic display!! Landed and released for another day… He missed a huge take while trolling on his strike pro deep diver.. Which snapped his 40lb braid as he did not have a shockleader on.. But nonetheless what a rush!!

I believe in the end he had a good haul of aramugum.. a couple of blue hinds of which 2 of them caught by a lure that I’ve given him for Christmas!! All of them released! :cc:

As for myself, I didn’t bring my bag of lures all together and I deeply regret so!!! Luckily, Jimmy from It Great!! Came by and borrowed me 2 lures to play around with!! Off luring I went and within mins.. I had a solid take!! Strike into it and the line was zooming off to my left at a high speed and before I knew it.. It came loose!!! Haiz…

I had another take on the same lure and the same happen. I reckon it was due to the rusty hooks that did not hook up the fish properly. Lesson learnt.. always stock the car with lures for emergency usage! In the end, I had 1 parrot fish and 2 aramugum to end my day.

It was a great experience to paddle such a distance, not to forget witnessing such a cool fight on the kayak.
What a way to spend a Sunny Sunday!!