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Bitten by the bug!!

Yeah so it seems like I’ve been bitten by the lure making bug! Tomorrow I’m out on my yak.. Am suppose to me Merv at 615 and I’m still blogging this!!!

Anyway just finish up another lure for tomorrow trip!! Hope the action would be alright!! However am abit worried as the 3mim expoxy seems not to set it as well as I wanted it too.. Not sure why!

Found a cute 2 bucks suction clamp at diaso which came in real handy!

Hope that tomorrow i can land some fish in my lure 🙂


Stripy the Diver

After the last trip out and having success with the diving capabilities and action of the lure I made.

I went ahead and create ‘Stripy’ with whatever colours I could find..
Here it is..

The One!

Finally the one lure that performed to my expectations!! Today I had a phone call from my brother want wanted a short Father’s Day fishing session at Farmway 3 on the house by my bro.

So I hastely agreed as I wanted to try my 2nd and 3rd Lure I made.. We arrived at bout 430 set up and some last min expoxy was use to harden the lure up. However my bro, didn’t buy a clear expoxy. No choice as I really wanted to test out the action.

My 2nd lure I did was a total flop!! However the 3rd lure was a success!! It floats well and balanced.. Dives deep and wobbles like a charm!! I’m so happy that I’m going to replicate a few more of those lure!!

Oh and I also met a fellow FnR member there. It was sure nice to have a friendly conversation with a friendly angler. At least he had a glimpse of my lure and more to come I hope!

Attached is the photo of the 3rd lure I did and successful lure however still raw and uncoloured!

YouTube vid of the lure action/wobble!
This lure manages to dive to the centre of Farmway3 pond!! I could feel it dragging along! Anyone has an idea how deep the centre of farmway3 freshwater pond is?


‘2nd’ Lure in the making

After deciding that I will frame up my first lure that I DIY.  I went on to make another similar one.  This time it took me about half the time to get it sorted.  Design is similar, however I will soon venture into other shapes..  Hopefully this time round the action would be much better.

Here are some pictures that I took along the way.

Getting the shape all carved up and sandpapered from balsawood.

Wire Through the body for this lure instead.

Carved out a hole to place my weights into the lure..

In the split shots go.. Apart from this I inserted another one splitshot at the back to counter balance the lure.
However, not sure how the action of the lure will be.. Had some tips from another lure maker in another forum and I will soon try it out to see if it works 🙂

Mended back the holes with expoxy putty.. Sandpaper them back to shape and add colours to them. At the moment I don’t have an airbrush so am make doing with just some markers that I could find around the house.. And here it is.. my 2nd lure, almost the replica of the first.. Lets call it the Assassin.

All is left if the expoxy coating.. and soon it would be tank tested to see if it floats and the action of the lure.
Happy days..

Lure Fishing in heavy cover

Check out this guy luring over heavy cover for largemouth bass.

Truly amazing.. Flipping his jighead so easily.  Quite comical as well some parts of the video.

Its time to FRAME UP

The attack of the ‘1st’ Ninja is sucessful with a catch of a grouper.. Small in size but nonetheless a fish on my home made lure!!

To make it a memorable moment, I will be framing up my first handmade lure and hope for the many more to come!!

Ok review of the lure.. The action was not what I fancied. I’ve learnt that 2 1/2 splitshots is good enuff for casting but Ive got to spread it 11/2 at the front and 1 at the back to balance the lure..

The lures tracks straight but the wobble feels like a hop in the water.. But I’m very happy of the result and that it still manage to catch fish despite not having rattles as well..

Till the next lure trip with homemade lure02.

Thanks to Merv, Ian and Paul for a nice and pushing the border of insanity kayak trip..


Lure Making in Process

I finally did it!! My first crankbait produced. Though I didn’t have all the proper equipments, I had to make do with what I have..

For colouring, I used Black Marker and some red marker I found around the house.. No airbrush and I had to make do!

Introducing ‘First’ the Ninja!!
Sorry if it’s looking too amaturish LOL.
Anyway it would be going for his first test dive later! Hopefully a fish on it would be great!