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CR – A Jumpy, Bumpy, Rocking good day!

It all started as early as Tuesday when I texted Don that the weekend was nearer and it’s time to go fishing! We looked forward for today’s short fishing trip with anticipation. However along the way, occupation hazard took it’s toll and I had to be at work till about 2am on Friday night. With only 3hrs of sleep I was hesitating to go fishing at all.

The dark force was telling me to pray for another rainy session so that I could sleep in! Before I knew it.. my alarm rang and I was up. Peering out of the window with the most certain instinct that it would rain .. BUT IT DID NOT!!!! A couple more sms was exchanged and off I went to meet Don.. Late but nonetheless the trip was on!

I arrived at Sembawang park at about 7am to see Don hard at work pumping up his AE Frame. Smiles & greetings were exchanged and before we knew it, we were both helping each other out with our kayaks down the beach and launch we go!!!

My Tequila with a makeshift Echosounder holder just for this trip.

Armed with 300grms of prawns sponsored by Don we were on our way for a good day of fishing.. I hope LOL.. First spot, the place where I brought Wenlong to get his Ang Cho.. However no bites after 30mins and soon we went headed to the 2nd spot.

By that time the current has changed.. but after 1hrs we still had no bites at all! Just then, the clouds cleared up and the sun started to pour down those harmful rays on to our skin. And out of the blue.. from the corner of my eye, the unmistakable body of a Giant Herring exploded through the air, at least 2ft+ throwing the hook at the exact moment. Don was taken by surprise by the speed and power of them.

Motivated, he baited up and he was on the roll! Into the 2nd one almost straight away but lost it too. ‘3rd time Lucky Mate..’ I told him and he acknowledged. However after that it was quiet for another 30mins before I heard a faint shout from a distance. Don was been towed by a big fish..

From a distance I thought it was a huge mother snapper as no fish broke the surface. However went I got nearer to him.. It was a huge Giant Herring! After a tussle of about 4mins it was finally landed. Photo was taken and fish released!

Man of the moment!

The action died for awhile and soon I spotted a few of them cruising. Off my trusty prawn went in search of them.. In fact, the moment the prawn hit the water it was almost an instant hit. After a good 4 -5 misses, I finally landed one myself! Wooooo!!

Man of the moment 2!

Not to be out-beaten, Don had another few more misses I reckon at least about 5, before he finally manage to secure another beast from within!

Man of the moment once again!

Man of the match releasing his catch.. Easy does it!

Don then attempted to land one of those huge godzilla like herring on his super ultra light setup! 3 hits on it with one pushing his rod to the limit of almost an ‘O’ Shape was the result of his hardwork!!

However unfortunately, none was landed!… But to end things off, he also landed 1 small grouper and one snapper.

Don’s snapper.

Soon it was time for us to paddle back and we met another kayaker out at sea on his StraitEdge. Nice meeting you Lance and I hope you did catch something on your trip 🙂


Weekend Fishing + Funny soccer fishing video~!

Finally the weekend is here and I finally get to go out fishing again for a couple of hours on Saturday.
Would be a short trip out with Don.. hopefully we can get some fishes!!
A threadfin or 2 would be great but then again anything that can give a decent bend on the rod is good enuff!

Anyway here’s a funny soccer video that I saw when surfing
The WORLDS BEST GOAL CELEBRATION!! Watch it and enjoy!

My first SaltWater Tank…

Well just started into the Marine fish keeping. It’s quite interesting and compared to freshwater fish keeping. I’m having more fun with Marine Fishes. Fortunately for me, Sharon is just as excited into doing it and the fish farms lately have been one of our frequent places to go.

I find that it’s also good for my kids 🙂 Ashleigh gets all excited when she see’s new fishes and can even identify them such as starfish, prawns… etc…. Kenson on the other hand would make alot of weird noises when he sees the fishes in excitement.

My fish tank is a 2ft by 1ft Tank, with a Overhead flitration system, LED lighting and a mini fan to cool the water. Currently it’s hosting the below community.

3 Clown Fish
2 Damsel Fish
3 unknown Damsel fish
1 Goby
1 Boxing Shrimp
6 Dancing Shrimp
1 Red Lobster
1 Blue Lobster
1 Nice Star Fish
1 Chocolate Chip Star Fish
5 Tube Worms
1 Slug
2 Corals

Alot of rocks and a puny crab somewhere which came along with the rock!
I think it’s about done.. Hope to see how long this community can survive working together 🙂
Here are some photos of my tank 🙂

Out of Action for 2 weeks..

Unfortunately, I will be out of action for the next 2 weeks… This weekend would be my birthday and wedding anniversary weekend 🙂 Next weekend I’ve got to look after my kids!!
So no reports till then.. Unless my wife would not mind a short trip for me tomorrow LOL..


FujiFilm XP 10 – Water Proof Camera

Received the above camera from my wife as a Father Day, Birthday and Anniversary Gift! It’s water proof up to 3 mtrs and shock proof up to 1 mtr. Which is good for me as I can finally bring it along on my kayaking trips and not be afraid if my kids drop my camera onto the floor.

The Fuji XP 10.

I’ve got the green model as well 🙂
Basically priced at S$276 it’s quite a decent camera. But for all those camera freaks who goes gaga about pixels,shutterspeed, white balance, apetures etc… and the lists goes on. Please keep in mind, you pay for what you get. At that price for a water proof camera. I believe it’s almost any anglers dream to get one 🙂

I’ve tested it out in my saltwater tank today and it was working fine!! Well it better be LOL.
Video quality is somehow much better before youtube compresses it LOL.

Here are some photos also taken from the camera.

Overall for the price of S$276 which includes GST! I would personally give it about 4 out 5 stars. But if they could make the buttons slightly more sensitive it would be better!! But for it’s price range and functionality of it been waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof. It’s definately a steal for that price!

Ian’s back on the yak

As some of you know that Ian’s was out of action for quite abit due to an operation. However last Saturday he was back on the yak and we headed out for a trip. Merv, Don, Phillp, Ian and myself. It was Don first time out on the water with my ex. AE frame.. whilst my first time out on the Tequila.

Somehow I got to get use to the tracking of the kayak and how to paddle with the right amount of strength to it. Takes some getting used too I guess. All in all it was a pretty good trip as everyone called something. Special catches includes 2x QueensLand Grouper, 1 Threadfin Salmon, 1 huge Grunter.

I personally think that Threadfin Salmon season is in!!… Last week during the competition, Boon scored one threadfin.. This trip… Don caught one as well. Time to get the Echo Sounder out to scope out the bottom of the sea!

Anyway please view the complete report of the trip at the following –

Tight Lines!

Selling a AE Convertible on behalf of SunTan

Selling the first AE convertible in Singapore! Was ordered via Suntan used less then 7 times out at sea!

Package includes.
1 AE Convertible ( for 2 person )
2 seats
1 set of patch kit
2 packlight paddles each worth S$125
Skirting to convert the double to single seater worth S$75
Double action pump worth S$50
Might include the DIY fish finder holder + rod holder.

Tube has been patched before from a super tiny hole.
Inner fabric has been patched before due to a tear. However all works fine. Pressured tested and left overnight no leakage or stuff.

Due to those minor comestics selling it cheap at $950neg. If bought brand new at least $1400
Interested parties please PM me and I will onward your contacts to my Uncle.