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Sorry guys

I will be away from Kayak fishing for quite abit. I reckon at least another 2-3 weeks.
Reason being, my children health has been quite poorly lately.. My son just recovered from HFMD.. My daughter today has the fever and cough.

I’ll also be in the midst of moving over to a new job.. so I guess everything would be quite new once again..
But life goes on.. New friends are made… fishes are always there waiting!! <— Most important!!

Till then.. thanks!!


My first Pacu!!

It all started with a facebook message from a good fishing buddy that the guys from FishingParadise is inviting me for a session of kayak fishing in their pond.

For all those who are not sure where it’s located. It’s found in the north of Singapore at Bottle Tree Park. Nearest train station would be Khatib.. It’s filled with freshwater water monsters!! From what I heard their biggest Red Tail catfish is almost 30kgs.. with loads of patins and huge pacus..

I think there’s really no need to go to the IT monster lake in Thailand when you can have a taste of it here in Singapore. Anyway, you can find more information at

I could only do a short few hours before I rush down to work.. so off I went for a short 2hr session on my yak 🙂 Upon reaching the carpark, I was greeted by one of their friendly staff by the name of Steven, that informed me to bring my yak down by the pond and we shall be starting real soon..

Once I was up and going and expecting Samuel to join me, I was informed that he was still resting from the night fishing. Therefore they will gear me up with some bait for the session. Bread skin and normal bread. So out I went into the middle of the pond berleying the bread like no tomorrow and all hell broke loose.

Hooked out one fresh normal bread within the masses of bread skin and waited…. waited… & waited!!! By this time, all the bread skin has been taken but leaving out my fresh bread!! Such clever fishes I told myself!

Soon another of their ever friendly staff Yong, came out on their kayak and started to guide me on how to fish in their pond.. and I soon found out that using the bread skin as bait was far better then normal bread. Before I knew it, down my floater went into the green deep water… Towing along my kayak like a mini train.. WEEE!! However, to my despair, it went under one of the floating platoon!! After a few minor adjustments, out the fish came!! YUPPIE!!!

Every time it came to the surface, it would dash right down, till I finally caught a glimpse of it. My first PACU!! Wooo!! Yong told me to be careful of it’s teeth and I soon notice why.. It really look like some human canine teeth that could really do some nasty damage to your fingers!!

Up came the fish and a few photos were taken and off it went, released in a jiffy 🙂 Wow solid fight!

So back to the same technic, and I found myself hitting into a small patin which told me for a ride.. I am truly truly surprise at the strength of those fishes. Missed about another 2 more hits.. till I had a slightly bigger patin and once again landed and released. Thanks Yong for educating me on the proper way to land those fishes 🙂

After all those warm up it was almost time to go, but I decided to sit still at one hotspot for their redtail cat. However it was not meant to be that I would be abused. LOL…. Soon I found myself reluctantly leaving the place for work. But hey it was all good fun..

My sincere and utmost appreciation for Samuel, Yong and Steven for making my experience at your pond one of the best experience I had at any fishing pond. You will definitely be seeing me there more often in the near future!! Should any kayakers need to get a feel of how it’s like been towed by a fish.. then this is a place to try!!! If you ask me and if I had 10 thumbs.. I would give a 10 thumbs up for the place and service!