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Just for kicks!

I’m praising God as at this moment, 20mins ago I managed to code up one of my flash stuff needed for work..
So it’s time for some celebration!!

And the all important one…


Trip filled with Stories

After almost more then 1mth, I’ve finally found some precious time off from family and work to head to the waters to de-stress abit. So I made arrangements to head out with Don this weekend to the north part of Singapore for some action if there was any LOL.

During mid-week Don SMS me and said that he dreamt that we hit an Ang Cho School.. and he had the mother of all Ang Cho and was towing him around 🙂 So thinking that it was a good tide, full moon the night before as well… We were hoping for the best.

Our initial plan was to meet at 545am, thank god that Don SMS me at 535 to tell me he was on the way…
Only then I realized that I was still in BED!! .. Got up and rushed off, thank god that I loaded my car with the stuff the night before.

Finally reach the location, loaded up and off we went.. Half way through the paddle, we were admiring nature at it’s best.. The morning sunrise, birds flocking together… fishes were rising.. Then Don said he saw an unmistaken figure of a kim just risen next to me.

We stopped and I loaded up my prawn.. On the way down, it was taken by something fast and strong. Then the all familiar figure of a Giant Herring broke loose… After fighting it for awhile, my swivel opened!!! OMG and I lost my first fish of the day.

We being optimistic, decided to press on to our regular spot for the big one instead…
WRONG MOVE!!!! We all sat there waiting and waiting and telling stories of the one that got away over the years.. How good fishing was back then when we first started.

Don then started on his breakfast, while I went to search for fish. In less then 2f of water, I saw herrings!! However, none would take the bait, except for this greedy little catfish!

While we wasted close to 2hrs at the spot, we decided to take a slow paddle back and stop occasionally to fish. Having left my fish finder at home as I was lazy to bring it out. Out came my iphone, loaded with Naviconics & off we went to the nearest structure I could find.

Anchor away and we both hooked up and to continue on our stories! Another 40mins passed with no bites, and I was suggesting to try the last spot. Don agreed. However as I was preparing to go, his reel just screamed away like no tomorrow!!

Without any airel display, he was quite certain that it was and could be the mama ang cho he dream about LOL.. However, soon the beauty showed itself. It was a Queenfish! Well first in that area I guess 🙂

Caught and released promptly after the photo was taken. Well done mate 🙂
So off we went to the new spot. Upon reaching the spot, we noticed that it was much deeper and the current was fast.

I’ve decided then to change to a running sinker rig. We waited for quite awhile before I had a slight nibble at the end of the line, as I lifted my rod, I noticed that there was some weight at the end of it. It’s either a Sotong or Crab exclaimed Don. True enough it was a flower crab at the end of the line decapitating my prawn in the process.

It released itself before coming up close to the boat. So down went a brand new prawn.. and after a short wait, I had another take.. However it was fast and lost my prawn to the unknown. So down went another prawn, but this time round my rod dipped down double…

Half of the rod was in the water and line was pulling out of the reel. Wondering could it be the mystical ang cho that Don dreamt of? After a short tussle, it was not to be.. What came up was a catfish instead LOL.. Nonetheless, I appreciated the fight that it gave me 🙂

After a photo shoot, it was released back to nature and we soon made our way back home.
Thanks for the cool trip out Don. Looking forward to the next one. Anyway this was how I was relaxing on this ‘super action’ pack day out at sea.