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Lure Spring Cleaning

Today, we met up with a friend we got to know when we were in the UK. Lets call her Angler L. Angler L just started fishing quite recently and her home town is from Sabah. She is in town for some official R&R. So we decided to meet up.

Of cos, on the agenda was to have a good at a local fishing pond. However.. I will do a report on that later as the pictures are on the way by today or tomorrow 🙂

After the fab fishing time, we headed over to Beach Road for the famous Bak Tuk Teh… + a little shopping trip at the local tackle shop. She stocked up on some lures and various bits and pieces.. as for myself.. I got myself a new split ring plier, a set of treble hooks and some new rosco split rings.

Got home and started doing my lure spring cleaning.. Seems like I’ve neglected my lures for quite abit.. Most of the them were rusty.. So I ended up, removing all the hooks and splits rings off most of my lures.. I was quite surprise with the amount of lures I had LOL…

Due to that I’ve decided to share some information of the types of lures we have in the market. * To my best knowledge *

Deep Divers

Most divers comes either as a suspending lure or floating lure. I tend to get the floating types as I find it could give me more control when I’m playing the lure close to the bottom. One point to note is that deep divers have a larger dip then most of the other lures. Diver normally dives to about 3-5mtr range.

Shallow Divers

Shallow Divers are used when you are fishing for fishes like Tarpons or Herrings.. Esp when you can spot them cruising the surface.. Some are even suspending types making it even better fishing for barramundis. Most shallow divers goes to about 1-2mtr range..

Jointed Lures

Jointed lures seems to give a “more alive” action when retriving. However due to the fact it’s jointed, at times it might have a weaker body then a solid lure..


Poppers are surface lures use to “pop” or cause disturbance on the surface. Best used when noticing pelagics whacking baitfish on the surface.. or for the local peacockbass.. It’s quite fun to experience all 3, Sight, Sense and Sound when a fish whacks the lure.


Rattlin type of lures tends to sink most of the time. Normally tend to use them to scout different level of the water. At times, I would let it sink to the bottom and slowly jig it up… Caught me a few groupers when jigging by the bottom.

Dedicated to Angler L. Hope you might find some use to this when you are back in you home town. Remember to use a slightly heavier weight when using ur lure retriever ya 🙂



Haze please go away.. oh wait.. please stay!!!

It’s been quite awhile that I’ve been out on the yak. Just started a new job about 2 weeks back and so far it’s going good 🙂

I managed to have a Saturday off and drop a sms to my buddy Merv whom replied me.. Sat 6am or Sun 630am you choose! So naturally opt for the Sat trip out LOL…

This time round, the trio re-united.. it seems like almost 2 months since Ian, Merv and myself fished together.. and today we had another angler joining us, Johnson.

So we met up at the meeting point, had our breakie, bought our baits not forgetting our bits and pieces and off we went. By 7am, we were at our launch point all roaring to go.. By then we decided to drop by one of our usual spots.. Normally would produce one or 2 fishes if there were around.

As we paddled there, I spotted a school of fishes breaking water… Merv mentioned that it could be Tarpons and off I went to investigate.. Nope, it was tarpons.. but a school of SENGS!!! At least, 30+ of them.. swiming together and from top view looked like cobias!!! Managed to dig up one of the prawns that just died and casted towards it.

Immediately there was a take… and it was a fish on!!! Though it was a catfish, the fight of one of those was always welcome!! Just then, Merv had landed his first fish, a decent size Ang Cho, taken off the drop.. Nice one mate!!!

It went quiet for awhile again, Merv by then missed a couple and landed another Ang Cho.., I happened then to be drifting pass the drop when I felt a slight nibble.. stop.. nibble stop… and a decent pull.. STRIKE!!! It definately fought like a Ang Cho but it came up to be a Grunter!

Me landing my grunter.

As it was a decent table size, I decided to keep it..

So fishing went on with Merv & Ian having a double hook up at the same time.. Both landed Snappers!!

By that time, Johnson had given up on his prawns and started luring.. On his first cast.. a strong take!!! Up came a 1-2kg+ Grunter!! We never saw him using prawns again after that.. it was cast after cast.. According to him a Seabass even followed the lure to the yak before swimming away! However the highlight would have to be seeing his Rod, bending into a huge ‘C’ with a monstrous Barramundi, trashing on the surface.. it was definitely close in the region of 5-6kg!!! However just as he was about to land the fish, the trebles gave way!!

Not to be outdone, as Ian was talking to Merv, he had a giant take on his heavier tackle.. Towing his kayak in the process!! We were all wondering what the heck fish it was.. been able to tow the kayak sideways.. No ariel display or anything, but soon we found out.. it was another MONSTER.. A Seabass in the region of 5.5kg!! OMG.. it was a long awaited catch for him in that area.. WELL DONE MATE!!! A few lovely photos were taken.. and the fish was released!

Ian’s Catch of the Day!!

It soon went quiet.. but I spotted a fin breaking the water along the drop… Casted my prawns into that direction.. Just as it was about to hit the bottom.. I had a take.. Slowly…… STRIKE!!!! It started to fight stronger then my grunter earlier and my drag was pulling out.. I knew I had a decent fish.. After a short tussle, up came mr SEABASS!!! It was in the region of about 3kg plus. Nice!! Photo taken and released..

My Seabass.

3hrs had since passed.. and we never had such action here at this one location before.. We just wanted to try for 20mins and we somehow got stucked there LOL.. Soon Johnson and myself had to leave due to family commitments leaving Ian and Mervin to cont. on their fishing..

It was definitely a Hazy day to fish.. but could it be that the haze brought around a killer instinct for the fishes to feed that well?? If that’s the case… PLEASE STAY while we fish!! LOL

Fishing Rod for Sale

Helping a friend to sell of his mint condition rod. I’ll see if I can get any photos of him soon.

Here’s the details as per follows,

1 Piece 6ft BC rod, custom built at S$450, collected a few weeks back. Used only ONCE!!
Blank rating 10lb – 17lb, gun metal colour finishing with full Fuji Titanium SIC guides.

Rod in mint condition! Letting go at S$430.
Interested please contact : Michael @ 9688 8872