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Amazing Skipping of lure

This guy does skipping of lure so effortlessly.
Watch how he whacks those bass that are hidden under over hanging branches. Amazing!

This one guy as well is quite amazing.. However, no fish caught though but look at the precising casting!


Super fishing guide!

Don’t you wish that if your fishing guide was as SUPER as this one!!
Watch and you know what I mean..

UnderHand Cast by Murata Hajime – One of my BC Heros..

Always admired his casting skill from a kid. Here’s is one of the youtube videos I found of him edited with slow-mo on his underhand cast technique!.. Kudos to the video-grapher for sharing this!

Keeping it organized…

I’ve managed to get a reversible box of a fellow fishing in one of the forums and boy is it useful. I managed to keep a total of 15 lures in that A5 size box which is quite amazing. With almost 1 lure per section.

On top of that I managed to get 6 lures off him as well for S$30. Of which are 4 Elliots Darwin Darts which are pretty hard to come by. The last time I got them was a good 14years back when Hotspot was selling them together at the same time with Bounty Hunters which are another kick ass deep diver. Loved those tribal airbrush spray.

Some facts of Elliot Darwin Darts.. I reckon they are produced from Australia and are quite sought after by lure collectors. I think if I remember correctly, there was an ebay bid for one of this lures that went as high as A$50. However it was for the Dinky model :). Nonetheless these lures caught me loads of groupers previously when I first started luring.

Another highlight be the rod that I bought to pair up the reel I recently purchased.
It’s quite a steal at S$75 after discount and comes with a casing that I’ve never expected for that price of rod! So I’m quite impress with the action of the rod after my trip to the Toman Pond and not to mention about the casing it came with it.

Here’s the whole kit with damn nice casing!

All in all that new combo set cost me S$200 which I really think it’s a steal!

Will be out fishing tonight on lures. Hopefully I would get something on the new set and not to mention those darts of mine 🙂

Finally the day as come…

where my children shall have their very own fishing rod. I’ve stumbled across a thread in one of our local fishing forums and notice that one particular parent bought a barbiedoll fishing rod for his daughter.

Inspired by that new possibility and my daughter keep bugging me for the barbie fishing rod. I’ve found them on Amazon! Not forgetting a spongebob version as well. So looks like I know what to get them for Xmas this year + 1 fishing voucher LOL.

7-11 : Revisit to the FP Pond

Was working pretty much through our long weekend on a project. Till the extent that I had a total mental block and what better way to unblock it by going fishing with my wife. So, I grabbed my new rod and reel and off I went to break the big “O” in this rod.

Managed to drop the kids off for 2hrs and headed off to the pond. We were quite lucky to have the whole pond to ourselves and I first started off with some lures. I was trying to do without the baits today and total enjoy myself. Reason been, the past 2 times here, I was showing the ropes of fishing to my friends and letting them have a feel of it. But hey, it’s all good 🙂

The rod combo was quite light to me, it’s a 5’3 BC rod, matched with the Abu SX which I just bought and I was quite surprised with the action of the rod for it’s priced of S$75. Anyway back to the report.

Within the first 10mins, I had my first take on the rattlin lure, which I bought when I was back in UK.

Photo and released without a hassle.. I went on to catch another 2 more on the lure, missed about 4 >.<''

Finally baited up a deadmeat for Sharon to have a go and she was into a fish. The funny thing is I reckon the fishes in the pond tend to Headbutt the bait first without taking.. and with a slight retrieve, it would take the bait and try to make off with it.

Here's Sharon with her fish of the day.

After that, it went quiet for abit and with me missing another 2 more hits. Haiz… dunno what’s wrong.
Soon we got back and I plong myself back onto my chair and worked for another few hours. I managed to finished my work, however, experience some weird chest pains which were sudden and off to the doctors.

The doctors were asking me questions that was leading up to the symptoms of a minor heart attack.. but then ruled that out and decided that it was just over exhaustion as I only had like 8hrs sleep for that 2 days creating almost 40mocks of design and 1 flash. Not to mention that he mentioned that my blood pressure was abit high in the range of 160.

So I was given 2 days MC to cover for Monday and Tuesday to have ample rest. But I reckon I should be returning back to work on Tuesday. Till then, so looking forward to luring again. Man if this cont’s gone with the kayak… back full time for on shore luring LOL.. Lets see LOL…

Luring 07-11

If all goes well I’m thinking of doing some luring tomorrow for groupers.. Hopefully I would get a few decent one.

Should also be launching on the 24th Nov. Unknown where at the moment. Hmmmm.. Where to go guys? Freshwater bashing or kayak fishing??

Any suggestion please comment!