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Hey don’t get my wrong..
It’s one of the latest, upcoming and promising fishing forums in Singapore called Wat The Fish!

Launch within 1 day with now 175 members and en-counting. Additional features such as photo albums under the profile.. Enabling users up to 50megs to upload fishing photos. That’s not too bad I might said. Best part, people are all friendly there.

Here’s the link to the site….

Though it’s still quite bare, but hey… alot of potential I see in it.



It’s been a LONG WHILE!!!

Since my last blog and with the sale of my kayak, I’ve haven been fishing much.. Well been to the fishing pond a few times and as usual when I end up paying to fish.. I get nothing.

Been to NzR twice and caught my peacockbass on fly 🙂 However not a temesis 😛

Lifes been on a high, busy at work, looking after the kids most of the time as my wife works shift at immigration and not to mention looking for a flat for us to move in hopefully before July.
If all goes well, my domestic helper should be joining us in a weeks time. Thank GOD for the new job that is able for me to sustain an additional helper!

Once my house is decided and I get a rough idea on how big it would be. I would then have to choose once again between a hard-shell kayak or a inflatable. However at the current moment, I’m more incline towards getting the Advance Frame, Expedition but it’s Out of Stock!! If not back to the frame!! Which I don’t really mind 🙂 Oh well it would definately be an exciting 4 months for me.

Am looking forward to BKK trip in Feb as one of my highlights, a well deserved trip for me and wife. However no fishing to be done. Too expensive.. it’s almost like S$160 all in all for a days fishing. But it’s ok 🙂

Well then better not bore you guys with all my nonsensical posting..

Tight lines aplenty guys. And to all my kayak fishing friends. The human fish finder is missing you guys.. Currently out of action but I will be back with a bang 🙂 Shout outs to, Merv, Ian, Don & more…. take care guys and have fun!!