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My first fish on a grub~~!!

Finally landed a fish on a grub!! I went back to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 last night with a friend. After having missed a monsterous take the other day there on a rubber grub.. I decided to arm myself with my trusty Abu2500ciar + AjiKing 8-16lb rod.

After like almost 1hr 30mins of luring.. I finally had a take or so it may seem… Line was going away.. Struck into it and the fight was on!! Happy days!! However, I knew the fish was huge.. but the fight was weird! I suspected that I might have foul hook the fish. Which I did by it’s side fin!!

So knowing that I’ve foul hook the fish, I hurried up the fight and got the beast up under 5mins. Photo taken and release 🙂

The unfortunate fish.

So back to luring again and within 10mins I had a strong take .. This time was a proper take just as I was about to re-cast.. I immediately gave 2 hard strikes to set the hook.. And I was pretty sure it was RedTail Cat fish. I then decided to give my friend a go at the fish. Unfortunately after awhile of tugging the hook BENT!!! We lost it!! Oh well.. we then call it a day and went back home.

I can’t ask for more after a few days of hectic work and to finally de-stress for a few hours. Time to hit the sack!! Night guys!!



What a day….

Woke up at 5am to meet my brother at Sincere Tackle at 545. However reaching the location it started to rain, bumped into Merv and Ian as all of us seek shelther from the rain. We set around to about 645 till my brother and myself decided to head over to Farmway3 to kill the itch and pass some time till the weather gets better.

I manage to get a HUGE take on a grub… However my mainline braid line snap!! >.<" After that we had nothing for the morning. Left the pond at 845 to get our prawns to commence fishing..

Hell was just only starting to begin…
I had a hard time understanding the new GPS as I somehow Locked it to a location elsewhere… My fish finder broke down on me!!! Had a mid size Ang Cho which auto CnR itself when it came up to the surface..

Decided there and then to just leave for home with my brother. Everything wasn't working out.. Oh well till next week I hope.

In the meantime has anyone with a fishfinder encountered such issues as below?

Started up but not moving at all.

Had to reboot and then came up this screen.

Had to reboot again as and now it showed this.

Anyone encounter such issues? Knows how to retify it? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂


Was advise to actually check the battery. I managed to dig out an old Multi-Meter that belongs to my Granddad. Set it to 10v and this settings came up. My batt is 12V 1.3Ah though I don’t know what it means. Can anyone tell me if my batt is totally drain / dead / or fully charged?

Much appreciated.

New Toy – Taking it to another level

After my last trip out with my Brother.  I realized how important is it for us in the kayak or boat to have a GPS Navigator. Esp since our kayaks are all equipped with EchoSounders to scout the grounds.  Why not a GPS to secure location when we find a “HotSpot”.

A couple of clicks here and there, I managed to find a budget BNIB box Garmin 76.  So I would be testing out this baby this coming weekend.  Lets located more structures to fish on!!

Now with this baby, lets see how improved our catch rate will be..
Tightlines mate!! Stay safe out at sea!

Comparision between previous kayaks

If you had followed my blog from the way beginning, you would have noticed that I’ve the chance to test out the following kayaks.

1) AE Convertible
2) AE Frame ( Owned Previously )
3) Point65 Tequila ( Owned Previously )
4) AE Expedition ( Current )

Oh which had their plus points and minus. So what I’m going to do is to break it down generally on their Plus & Minus based on my own opinion. Hopefully it would give future kayak’ers a brief intro on what to look out for a kayak.


AE Convertible

I had a chance to test it out on my first kayak fishing trip ever. Under the Advance Frame Series, it’s has the option to be a single or a tandem. Length wise about 15ft, giving the user loads of space to load up. However downside to it, it’s the heaviest at 25kg within the series. So, if you are mainly going solo, I would recommend either the AE Frame or Expedition.

Plus Point
– Loads of Space to Load up.
– Packs up into a bag therefore easily stored within our HDB Storage or Service Yard.

Minus Point

– Heavy even before getting wet at 25kg!
– Even heavier when packing up as the fabric would soak water.
– Need more space to wash + time to dry.


AE Frame

Personally had this single seater Kayak for a good 1year and it brought me alot of Joy and excitement. The baby within the Advance Frame Series at 10ft. Weighing at a mere 16kg!! However if you are the type of angler that goes out with loads of equipments, this kayak might not be suitable for you. I’m standing at 1.78mtrs tall and it’s a tight fit within the kayak. After about 4-5 hrs in it, you might feel abit “packed” in with not much space to relax.

Would strongly reccomend this kayak, if you are quite the angler that travels light.. Light as in a pouch containing all the rigs, Rod and reel x 2 set. That was how I use to travel… Pouch and my tackles 🙂

Plus Point
– Light enough to lift it over the shoulders and walk to shore.
– Light enough for a single person to manage.
– Packs up into a bag therefore easily stored within our HDB Storage or Service Yard.

Minus Point

– Lack of space within the kayak.
– Even heavier when packing up as the fabric would soak water.
– Need space to wash + time to dry.


Point65 Tequlia

It’s the first ever modular kayak. The ability to snap on together as a single seater or additional middle section as a Tandem. It’s a hardshell, therefore it’s cuts water more easily. Ample space for a decent size cooler box. It’s self draining unlike any of the AE Series. Total weight of almost 30kg.. so expect each section to be almost 10-15kgs. If I’m correct it’s almost 10ft for the single seater.

Been a hardshell means that washing down is not a hassle, no worries of a puncture to the kayak or what ever. However it means preferably to have your own transportation to bring the kayak out. So if you are driving a huge car like a Honda Odyssey or some other saloon cars, you might be able to fit this beauty into the car.

Plus Point
– Hardshell, so no worries for punctured issues..
– Washing down is so much more easier.
– Modular to add on sections to make it into a 2 seater kayak.

Minus Point

– Each section is almost about 5ft+ so you would need to figure out how to store it in a HDB.
– Need personal transportation to bring it ard.


AE Expedition

I’ve just gotten this model. It’s a 13ft Kayak with ample space to load up alot of stuff into the kayak. Weighing at 19kgs, it’s still managable for me to get it from my home to the car etc…
Brought it out last week and realize it was almost like a premium kayak compared to the AE Frame. Don’t get me wrong.. both kayaks are just as good.

Would strongly reccomend this kayak, if you are quite the angler that need the extra space to load up more gears. Or as the name speaks for itself, if you are going for an expedition on your kayak.

Plus Point
– Light enough for a single person to manage.
– Ample space within the kayak to relax over long periods.
– Packs up into a bag therefore easily stored within our HDB Storage or Service Yard.

Minus Point

– Slightly heavy after usage at sea.
– Need space to wash + time to dry.

So please consider a few factors before heading out to purchase your kayak.
Just to name a few.

1) What would the kayak be use for.
2) Single or Double seater.
3) Washing of Kayak.
4) Storage of Kayak.
5) Max Weight of kayak

Well those were the questions I was asking myself when I first got them.. So I hope it helps 🙂


I’m BACK!!

Hard shell or Inflatable… hmmmm after sorting out my new place. The decision would be to get an inflatable. However I had the AE Frame before, so this time round I was aiming for the expedition. Lucky me, I managed to get a 2nd hand expedition last week 🙂

So I made arrangements with a good kaki + my bro to go fishing and look for a certain wreck that I came across before.. Stocked up our ammo and off we went!! On this trip, it was meant to be more of a reccee trip with 2 sounders + 1 GPS navigator to lock on to spots.

Launching was so nostalgic for me, pumping up the kayak LOL. But nonetheless, it was good exercise to keep the body going 🙂

Don was first in with a cuttle fish! Followed up a cute Ang Cho which was promptly released.

Then it seem to have quieten down. Mark and myself went to search for more spots. After almost 30mins of paddling, I noticed from a distance just next to my brother, there seem to be a school of herring rolling about .. I was signaling frantically to him .. and soon he was on the way!! Don was catching up from behind when he noticed me swinging my arms like a Mad Man..

More rolls and my first prawn went in.. HOOK UP!! Air Borne Herring took off at least 3ft up in the sky like a rocket.. Wooo!!! After awhile I managed to landed it… What came next was quite suprising and I would let the pictures do the talking!!

My herring

Mark’s Herring + Queenfish

Here’s Don fighting his Fish on a UL setup!!

Don’s Herring + Fish of the Day!!

We Had a total of about 9 herrings and lost loads.. I landed one Queenfish as well which was promptly release before any phototaking was done.. Not that bad though 🙂 But it was my first queenfish!!

We decided to try the wreck again and I managed to get the last fish of the day!!

Over all it was a FANTASTIC DAYS fishing for all of us.. Sorry that I had to edit the background but I would like to protect that spot a wee more longer 🙂 In the meantime.. this was one of the underwater shots I took of the herring before releasing it 🙂

Cheers!! Till next time guys!! Tight Lines!!