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The Tan Brothers on board It’s Gr-R-Reat!!!

As I woke up yesterday, I need not need to rush as I’ve loaded up my gears the night before. Had a quick shower and said my grace. As quoted from rapala with a twist “Oh Lord, there he is…….he feels like a big one,….please don’t let me lose him, I’ve never had one this big, I promise not to “horse him”, and if I land him, I’ll release him into my icebox. Thank you for the day out!……Amen.”

I met up with Jimmy and my Brother for breakfast before we board the boat to the first spot that I knew would have some snappers on the line for us!!

Within 5mins and the first one was up!! Yoooshhh!!!

Here’s one of the many AngCho’s I had for the day!

Followed by a few more beauties around our little island of Singapore.

We soon move to another spot around ubin.. and Jimmy was first into a fish. A nice size Grouper for the keeps!

Just then another bite was indicated on my rod.. bite bite and a huge tug! I struck into it and wooo another Ang Cho!

The tide was at a standstill and soon we were just chilling out downing alcoholic drinks throughout the days and soon enough I had a huge take and Woooo out comes a familiar fish!! The first of the 4 Mangrove Jacks that was landed on the trip!

Me with my drink with the Mangrove Jack!

Throughout that one spot, we were had small bites here and there.. Parrot fish, groupers and stuff.. and Jimmy pull out the magic out of the hat.. With a drink in his hand, he struck steadily as a bite indicated. Skillfully he subdue the fish! A nice Barramundi!

Jimmy with his Seabass!

By the time it was about 430pm, we had finished up 1kg of prawns Plus top up of S$10 worth!!
Not to mentioned there was only 3 of us on board the boat!! So here’e the catch so far..

Total catch by late-afternoon.

So off to the highlight of the day.. Which was trolling behind Tekong. Mark was the trolling Man of the Moment with 2 Jacks + 1 Tiger Grouper for the keeps on the troll. Whereas I lost 1 huge take when my main line got sliced off by the rocks!

Here’s Mark with the MJ he caught off luring. Such nice colors!!

I will try to get more pictures of his catch and upload it real soon. Overall it was a great days of fishing esp with Jimmy from It’s Gr-r-reat!! Nice company/loads of fishes/ loads of drinks!!

To end the weekend, we had 1/2 bottle of Black label, finished up 1/4 of Chivas and also 1/4 of Jim Bean and a fab dinner with 3 of the fishes we caught!!


7 species of fish in a few hours!

Yesterday, I went fishing with Philip, Merv and Ian at one of the first spots I fish in when I started Kayak Fishing. It was a nice day out with wonderful weather, the current was just turning as such the fishes started biting..

The first fish of the day for me was a decent QueenFish on my Yak and not to mentioned I reckon it was my first as well! It put up a good fight diving for the deep waters a couple of time. It was such a rush to see the flash of sliver as it was coming up to the boat.

Finally I manage to land it via the side of the boat before Merv came along and took a photo of it 🙂
Here’s the Queenie by the side of the Kayak.

Here’s me with my first Queenfish caught on ever.
*to be inserted when photo is obtained*

The fish was then released back to the wild as we carried on fishing. Ian then got into a nice Ang Cho which was a keeper and I believe everyone caught fish around the same time.

Just then my rod doubled down, almost tearing my rod away from my hands. The rod was bending and tipping over the kayak with almost 3/4 blank into the water!! Somehow I managed to control the beast from within and landed it. It was a Giant Herring. As usual their speed & strength is almost 1 is to 10. Maybe that is why they are also called “TenPounder”.

Landed the Herring.

Releasing of the Herring.

After which I carried on with my fishing and I’ve caught a range of fishes. Ranging from the normal Orange Spotted Grouper, Black Spotted Grouper, Ang Cho, Chermin & Chao Xi. Wow so in total 7 different species yesterday!!

My Chermin.
*Pic to be obtained*

My Chao Xi
*Pic to be Obtained*

Merv also landed a decent size Ang Cho which would put envy to any angler. However Philip was the man to watch with his special catch of a 2kg plus Orange Spotted Grouper! Really made up for him! I hope I can get the photos of those 2 catches to upload onto the report.

It was a good day out however tiring as well 🙂 But nonetheless, it was the good company that made it all fun out in the open ocean and under the hot sun.

Sharon’s Maiden Trip out!

Today is a special day for me.  Why??  My wife is following me out on a kayaking trip!!  It’s her first time on a yak and not to mention fishing from it as well.

We woke up early to load up the kayak.  Which consist of a AE Expedition & AE Frame ( Borrowed from my brother). Check all our gears and we were off.  We had our breakfast, got our baits and off we went to the launch site to meet up with Don and Philip.  The weather was looking good however the only downside – It was a incoming tide.  Which means I had to paddle against the current!!

It was Sharon’s first time so I ended up pumping up 2 kayaks! Set up all the gears and soon enough we were ready to move off. But before we did. I was showing Sharon how to paddle and what to do incase if she capsize and gave her a rope in case she cannot take the paddle, she could clip on to me and I will tow her to the spot.

Off she went cutting through the waves in the kayak.

After about 600mtrs of paddling against the current, Sharon was “Punctured”, so out came the clip and hooked out.. And soon we were into the strike zone!! Down went our prawns.. and without much wait I had a take!! AC, just then… Sharon had a first take as well!! After I sorted out my fish, she was already on standby for the boga!

Sharon handling the fish

Sharon first Ang Cho!

As the day pass by, she landed a total of about 7-8 fishes.. Not to mention a catfish as well!

Sharon fighting another Ang Cho.

Sharon’s 2nd Ang Cho.

Sharon’s Catfish!

It was soon time for us to make our way back to shore!
Here’s one shot of us for the photo album!

It was sure fun to have my wife out on the yak with me, to share my passion and to understand why it’s so addictive.. To make things more happier, she managed to paddle all the way back to the launch site by herself!!

Hopefully there will be more days like this to come. However lack the pumping of 2 yaks. Really Shacked out!! Thanks to Don, Philip and Merv who came later to make the session fun filled!!

Next week – Fishing week

Just realized a few days back that it would be a long weekend due to Good Friday public holiday falling on a Friday.

So my objective would be to do..

Friday – North side Kayak Fishing    *Just realized it’s Good Friday so it’s church for me :)*
Saturday – East side Kayak Fishing
Sunday – Boat fishing on board “It’s Grreat!”

Looking forward to some nice tight lines!! Good news to my subscribers meaning 3 reports due next week 🙂

Tights lines guys & remember
“The fishes are drowning! We gotta save them!”


The fishes are drowning! We gotta save them!

With all the rainfall over Singapore, the fishes got to be drowning mate and it’s up for us to save them!! With that mentallity I geared up for my trip. This time round I would be fishing with a new bunch of fellow kayak-fisherman.. Andre, Ronnie and Jingwen.

Having given a tip from a local boat man to try this spot. We 4, decided to make a move on it. Geared up with what we thought was sufficient prawns for the trip we set off to a beautiful sunrise.

First into a fish was JingWen.. Our ever friendly Herrings were into play at this new spot as well!! They were taken on Jigs and prawns as well! It was his first experience on the herrings and I believe he sure enjoyed himself..
Soon I was into one as well!! My only one for the trip so I had to make it last.

My herring.

Herring Underwater before been released.

Soon they were gone and it went all quiet!! But as the current change, the fishing expedition would change for the better. I believe everyone had some fish. Andre had a nice Ang Cho.

Then I had this 2 fishes in a row. An orange spotted grouper and a greasy cod. Nice!! Which both were promptly released after the photo was done!

Orange Grouper caught!

Orange Grouper Underwater before released.

Greasy Cod.

Before it been released once again.

I think everyone caught 1 decent size fish home today. Which was good. One for the dinner plate!!
Just as we were about to pack up I had a decent pull and up came a nice Ang Cho. Followed by a smaller one which was released.

My AC Caught.

My AC underwater release.

Just then the heavens decided to open up and tell us that it was time to go.. As the visibility would make it harder for the boats to see us. A few more photos and it was time for us to move off. We hurried towards the breakwater and paddled hugging the coastline so that we won’t be in the way of the boats.

Here’s the guys enjoying the fishing..

Here’s what we had to battle through to get back to shore!

Nonetheless, we kayaked back in a single row formation with me being the last man to ensure that all was back safely. I guess we all had really good fun fishing today thanks to Mysterious Boatman Advice!! Not to mention getting to know more people who are into the sport as well.

This is the last picture of the day. My AC that I brought back, promptly ended up on my dinner plate!

So till then guys… The fishes are drowning! We gotta save them!


Cool Fishing Commercials

Since I’m not going to be out for the next few days… Thought why not I’ve try to get most of the cool fishing commercials together here. Previously I’ve attached some so for today, I’ll be adding in more that can be found on youtube.

Rapala Couch Fishing

Rapala Gladiator

Rapala Prayer *This deserve another look*

Quantum *Remix*

MacDonalds Fishing Commercial with a twist

Yozuri Fishing Lure Commercial

Ugly Stick

Well that’s all for today mates. Have a good laugh and I hope it did put a smile on your face 🙂



Rapala… a brand that I had first known when I was about 17 when I started fishing. I remember and hold close to my heart my first fish on a lure. A toman landed with a jointed rapala lure. Not just one but 2.. Ever since then Rapala has always been one of the proven lure makers in the industries to me. Their trusty Fat Rap has always caught me the grouper when all else fails!!

Guess what… 15years down and Rapala has grown so much. Their lures are still bang for bucks! Good action, Quality and not to mention their accessories. Today I just purchased a 2nd hand Rapalero rod for S$70 and I must say it’s really good!! Not to mention their previous series the sportsman classic are good value for money as well.. There seem to be a promo going at Joe’s Tackle and I saw them going at about S$34 per rod. I’ve got 2 of those and they really perform well under the pressure.

So what can I say.. Rapala has proven time and time again on their products.. and accessories. Not to mention their apparels as well! While waiting in the car.. I managed to get some photos of some rapala products I’ve got with me on the go!

Good Quality, Good Designs what more can I ask for..!!
Maybe a Rapala Baitcaster reel in the future? Or Rapala to sponsor me some stuff while I advertise their goods while I kayak fish?? LOL..

Anyway really looking forward to their stuff in the future. This new Rapalero rod has really got my head turning!