Cool Fishing Commercials

Since I’m not going to be out for the next few days… Thought why not I’ve try to get most of the cool fishing commercials together here. Previously I’ve attached some so for today, I’ll be adding in more that can be found on youtube.

Rapala Couch Fishing

Rapala Gladiator

Rapala Prayer *This deserve another look*

Quantum *Remix*

MacDonalds Fishing Commercial with a twist

Yozuri Fishing Lure Commercial

Ugly Stick

Well that’s all for today mates. Have a good laugh and I hope it did put a smile on your face 🙂



About mathewtan

Just a simple guy based in Singapore. Blessed with a wonderful wife with 2 naughty kids LOL... Fuel with the passion on Fishing. View all posts by mathewtan

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