Sharon’s Maiden Trip out!

Today is a special day for me.  Why??  My wife is following me out on a kayaking trip!!  It’s her first time on a yak and not to mention fishing from it as well.

We woke up early to load up the kayak.  Which consist of a AE Expedition & AE Frame ( Borrowed from my brother). Check all our gears and we were off.  We had our breakfast, got our baits and off we went to the launch site to meet up with Don and Philip.  The weather was looking good however the only downside – It was a incoming tide.  Which means I had to paddle against the current!!

It was Sharon’s first time so I ended up pumping up 2 kayaks! Set up all the gears and soon enough we were ready to move off. But before we did. I was showing Sharon how to paddle and what to do incase if she capsize and gave her a rope in case she cannot take the paddle, she could clip on to me and I will tow her to the spot.

Off she went cutting through the waves in the kayak.

After about 600mtrs of paddling against the current, Sharon was “Punctured”, so out came the clip and hooked out.. And soon we were into the strike zone!! Down went our prawns.. and without much wait I had a take!! AC, just then… Sharon had a first take as well!! After I sorted out my fish, she was already on standby for the boga!

Sharon handling the fish

Sharon first Ang Cho!

As the day pass by, she landed a total of about 7-8 fishes.. Not to mention a catfish as well!

Sharon fighting another Ang Cho.

Sharon’s 2nd Ang Cho.

Sharon’s Catfish!

It was soon time for us to make our way back to shore!
Here’s one shot of us for the photo album!

It was sure fun to have my wife out on the yak with me, to share my passion and to understand why it’s so addictive.. To make things more happier, she managed to paddle all the way back to the launch site by herself!!

Hopefully there will be more days like this to come. However lack the pumping of 2 yaks. Really Shacked out!! Thanks to Don, Philip and Merv who came later to make the session fun filled!!


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