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Keitech Swing Impact

Check out the action on the Keitech Swing Impact. Those paddle tails had some awesome action.


Don’s Unopened Packet of BeeHoon

**Vibrate** **Vibrate** **Vibrate** I shot out of bed thinking I was late. While I snooze my phone alarm, it indicated that it was just 505am. Look to my right and remembered that my wife was still at night shift. Opened my door and I was greeted by my helper as she went into my room to carry on her nap. At least now I can head for my fishing trips with ease!

Headed down north to meet Don & Philip for our weekly morning exercise. We had our breakfast, while Don packed his usual ‘breakfast at high-seas value meal’. We stocked up on 500grams of live prawns thinking that it would be more then enough for today’s trip.

As we pumped up our yaks. We had a glimpse of Philip newly acquired Hobie. It’s the same yak I saw almost 1yr back. Still in great condition. It was Philip’s maiden trip on his hobie. A photo was a must but I realized that I left my SD card at home! So my Cam was out of order! Darnz! So..we were on our way. We decided to skip our regular first spot and head off to a new spot we found the week before.

On the way there, Philip was into a fish the moment he stopped to give way to a fleet of kayakers on a course. So Philip activate his R&R mood as he had caught his first fish. At the spot, Don and myself tried very hard but could not produce any bites.. Worse off, I broke my rod as it got snagged really bad.. and with some twist of bad luck, my line got wrapped around my transducer arm + current going against me.. ! Open spool was useless and before I knew it.. “PIAK!”…

Oh well, Philip came to the rescue and loan me his spare rod that he had for 20+ years. It was abit stiff but it would do mate! Thanks! After trying awhile at the spot, I told Don that on the way over here, I passed by a good drop from 7ft – 14ft. So I was heading back to find for that drop.

After much paddling, I found the drop and locked it down on my GPS which happen to have ran out of batteries the moment I was there. Lucky me! Drop down my prawn just at 7ft and let it drift out to the strike zone.. *Nibble Nibble* Strike!!! MISSED!!! Dude… By that time, I’ve explained why we are fishing like that to Don and before we knew it.. he was into a fish! Another Ang Cho!!

Paddle back and forth into the strike zone and before I knew I was into a fish!! And a small grouper came up which was released in due time. All hell broke loose when we sighted Herrings.. that was the turning point. I missed 1 as well as Don.. However within 2hrs since then we finished up all 500grams of prawn!

It was a happening session of almost non-stop session with double hook ups happening, Philip landing his first Grunter, Don missing on a few huge takes… Myself included. We released quite a few of the smaller Ang Cho that we caught however brought back enough fishes per person to last for at least 3 dinners!!

For myself, I was contented that I managed to land a table size Ang Cho on a Keitech Swing Impact. My first ever fish on a grub!! Not to mentioned from the open sea!

Here are the photos!!!

Philip’s Grunter!

One of my 5 Ang Cho caught!

My Ang Cho caught on a Keitech Swing Impact, 1/2 Ounce Jig head.
Bouncing off the bottom technique.

Our total catch of the day!!

Overall it was an excellent days of fishing for us. Nice teamwork, Nice company, Wonderful Weather… and good fishing. So good a fishing that Don didn’t have his chance to have his usual breakfast in the high seas 😛

Tight lines to all!!


Rain Rain go away!

5am and the alarm on my iPhone rang. I sat up from my bed, starring into a dark space and telling myself. It’s time to meet Don & Philip *Yawn*.. Fish time!! However as I opened my door, the first thing that struck me was.. “What was that sound?? DUDE!! Heavy Rain!!”.. Before I knew it, I plong myself back to bed and text Don.

Me – Dude trip canceled? Massive Rain here.. Or still on?
Don – My side totally dry.. Your call?
Me – Totally Dry arr.. Ok On then, see you there mate. Worse come to worse we meet for breakfast LOL. U sure it’s dry arr!!
*5 mins later*
Don – Hey wait! Philip side raining!
*More messages till..*
Don- Hey.. Very heavy rain now 😦 Think we wait for awhile.

So back to bed I went, and before I knew it .. it was about 735 when I work up and having confirmation that the rain had stopped.. Out I went to meet with Don. By that time, Philip I reckon might have went back to bed. So grabbed our ammo and it was indicated that “my brother came to buy prawns as well!!” Just left shortly before.. 🙂 Had a few text to wish him good luck with his catch 🙂

By the time we were at sea, it was almost 9am. However the our spirits were high 🙂
First drop in for me, I had an almost immediate take which left only the tail of the prawn!! An hour past and all we had were minor bites and we decided to recce a new spot that Don chanced upon.. He was armed with the sounder and myself the GPS.

It felt like we were back in BMT esp paddling against the current! About 30mins of paddling we finally reach the spot.. Don was first to get into action.

Patiently waiting and waiting.. Hook up!! From a distance I could see Don rod, bouncing away and up came a grouper!! I paddled over for a pic 🙂

Dude’s wheres mine I exclaimed!! … Drop my rig.. and a nibble was indicated strike!! I was in.. The fight was weird though!! It was my first ever…….. EEL!! On a yak!!

It was released promptly.. just then.. Don’s light rod was taking a huge toll with a massive C…. As it was an UL rod.. and up came a Ang Cho.. Dude talk about double standards here.. One grouper + Ang Cho and all I got was an EEL!

Not to be outdone.. A come back fish for me! My biggest flathead till date!

I had another 1 huge take which the fish totally won!! A few more misses from Don and Myself and we soon saw ourselves heading back after a 4hrs session with 350grams of prawns used up. Nonetheless it was a great trip.. Oh and thanks to Don, I concluded that my sounder was working well!! It’s the battery that was giving me issues so it means I got to get that sorted by next week 🙂

Tightlines mate!!