Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

Laboring on Labour Day

Arrangements has been made and 3 mad kayakers decided to head out on labour day to work for some fishes!

As I was heading to my car I noticed it was drizzling however, after a couple of SMS’es to confirm the trip was still on, we all met up at the usual coffee shop for our breakfast!

After inputting our necessary carbo intake, we got out baits and to the launch site we proceed! Upon arriving, the first thing that came to sight was White Caps showing on the horizon! The Wind was blowing hard and we were going to paddle against the current!

A short prayer and off we went! After a good 45mins, I was first into a fish! A Greasy Cod appeared trashing from the deep ocean! I shall name him Zues!! Out came the clipper and it was mine for the taking!!

The fishing was alright with everyone catching at least 3-4pieces of Fish! Unfortunately, Jingwen drop his set up into the ocean after he detached his secured line to his setup!

Philip and myself both had huge takes with one snapping Philip’s 30lb line! Anyway we ran out of bait super fast! 400grams was almost done in 1hr30mins!! Lesson learnt! Always buy more not less!!

We then headed back paddle against the current once again however with grins on our faces as we still had a fun day out at sea with the fishes n friends!!

To end the day, Zues managed to survive out of the water for a good 1hr30mins!! So we tried to keep him in our saltwater setup tank at home! 9hrs since and he is still surviving!!