Nelayan fishing!!

Woooo here I am at Jurong bird park at the $5 per rod Nelayan fishing pond. The rules are simple!! $5 for a rod,line and hook. Should the line break ur $5 is done!!

Catch as many fish with that $5!!
I’m here tonight with my bro & wife plus me and Sharon! It was quite a sight seeing fish landing left and right.

So down went my first try.. And soon enuff I had my first take! I managed to surface the fish however it took quite abit of technique to land the fish I successfully did it!!!!

However I had multi hits and lost.. It’s good fun nonetheless for a mid week session to Destress!!!

One thing for sure I will be back for more!






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Just a simple guy based in Singapore. Blessed with a wonderful wife with 2 naughty kids LOL... Fuel with the passion on Fishing. View all posts by mathewtan

2 responses to “Nelayan fishing!!

  • Xiao Mah Ge

    Was there last night with friends. Tried and only managed to get a bite after more than 20mins. Never catch anything in the end. Should have some form of technique involved. Saw some people able to get a bite almost every 5 – 10mins. These are also the people that managed to hook up some fishes.

    • mathewtan

      I think you got to flick ur rod up every 5secs or so.. In a attempt to hook them :).

      But ultimately boils down to the one that tied the knot!! If its done properly it should last!! If not … It would lead to us walking back to the counter for another try!

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