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A ladies night out

to Farmway 3. It seems that only the ladies were able to catch fish last night. We met up with Don & Michelle at the pond for some mid-week fishing.
My bait was been pestered throughout the whole night but nothing took it seriously. It seems that it was ladies night as the fish only got hooked up when the ladies held on to the fishing rod.

Here are the catches for the night.
Here’s Michelle with her Barra.

Here’s Sharon with her Tilapia! Monster!

Then the boys will not be outdone! Here’s Don with another barra!

However credits to the ladies for catching more fishes then the guys LOL!!!
Tightlines mates!


Going through a slight facelift

Hi all,
just letting you know that the site would be going through a slight facelift.
So please bear with me if at times, the contents are not available.

Much apologies in advance.


Feel Free……

Here I am in office waiting for an application to install. SO I’ve decided to blog on a new arrivial of a kayak.
Managed to get hold of a hardshell kayak. A Feel Free Nomad. So it means now that I’ve got 2 yaks. My wife can start following me on my expeditions if she feels like it.

It’s not too bad a yak with 2 rod holders pre-installed and stuff. Not to mentioned a roller at the bottom of the yak to roll the yak about to the destination.
So looks like a roof rack has to be in place by End July 🙂

Here’s some sneak preview of the yak. However the colour would be from red to orange transition.

Top and side view of the yak.

The possible accessories to add on.

Wondering how it would fair against the other kayaks I’ve had before. Well we will only know 🙂 Hopefully it would catch me big fishes 🙂


Birthday Fish came early too!!

It has been a roller coaster ride this week. With the datelines of our projects all looming around everyone was working extra hard. Well before I know it, it’s the weekend. During the week, I decided to put as a joke on my facebook that I wished for a rod + reel for my birthday.. My lovely wife really then rallied my love ones and friends to get me that wish!! Thanks guys!!

On Friday, I was given time off by my boss as my birthday gift. I was due to fish on Friday but my wife was not too well so I postponed it to a Saturday.. A couple of SMS’es and I secured a fishing buddy for Saturday to a new spot 🙂 But before that, we went to the tackle shop to get my birthday gift !!

Got a new penn spinning reel + a relix spinning rod. Loaded with 20lb Power Pro. Not to mention a few jigs and a new fishing piler to boot. Not to mention the lady over the counter threw in a free Dry-Fit fishing shirt for me 🙂

Anyway back to fishing… I met up my fishing buddy JingWen at the said location at about 815am and soon we found ourselves paddling through the calm waters with a tail wind in the direction we were paddling… Which means… easy paddle time!! This trip was abit special as it was a long time since I went purely lure fishing on the kayak.. Look how light I was traveling today!

After a good 15mins of casting a distintive “WHooHooo!!!” was traveling into my left ear!! JingWen was into a fish and I caught a glimpse of the fishnet coming out! I paddled over for a photo and it was a nice size Mangrove Jack on a Alie Magnet Red Head lure!

Here’s Jingwen with his first Mangrove Jack on lure!

Happy Days!! At least we caught something! So I went over to another structure and cast over my Emperor Minnow.. Cast and it landed next to a structure nicely.. First Crank and it followed by a distintive Scream of a spinning reel!! Then it went slack.. >.< Arrrgghh it got loose I thought.. Then I remembered it might be swimming back at me therefore there is no resistance!!

I reeled back as fast as I could and true enough the new rod bend swifly with a huge weight at the end!!
I almost done a ‘ROOKIE’ Mistake!! I played the fish properly then and landed it successfully!! YES it’s my Birthday FISH done in on my new outfit by my friends and love ones!!!

Here’s the fish at the side of my kayak!

Here’s the SeaBass! All 3kgs worth of it!

Not long after Jingwen had another take and lost it unfortunately. It was almost the same size as well!
But then not to be outdone he managed another Kim 🙂

I then also had my last fish for the day before making our long paddle back to our launch site.

Here’s a shot of the fish in the water.

Here’s the Seabass just before it was released to grow for another day 🙂

And lastly, here’s the final catch together!

Thanks Jingwen for being the Pawan today and also for the company 🙂
Just a side note all the fishes were caught on lure 🙂

Tight lines guys till next time!

Fishing this coming Friday ** POSTPONE**

*Sorry guys, the Mrs not feeling well thus postpone the trip*

This friday I should be launching on my own for some pre-celebration birthday fishing session. My boss was kind enough to grant me a day off as a birthday present! LOL!!
I got a rough idea on where I would want to fish. Hopefully, it would grant me some Jacks + Seabass if the weather is kind enough for me.. Stay Tune for hopefully a decent report for Friday!

Just crossing my fingers for kind weather.

Till then! Tight Lines!!


Featured on the Straits Times!!

Here’s the article if you guys have missed it!
Most of us are from! Hope to see you guys there!! Tight Lines!

Interview on Kayak Fishing in Singapore

Mid Week De-Stress at Farmway 3 with my Fishing Buddy Don.

Following a couple of SMS and calls to laise a trip down to Farmway 3. The trip finally materialise last night! It was meant to happen on a Monday night but due to work committments, I had to cancel the trip. Sorry Don. Nonetheless we finally found ourselves there!

Don has been indicated to me over the week that his was itching for some fishing action. We managed to get the bait over the counter from the friendly operator that would assist you to land the fish should you hit any from that pond.

After giving Don some “secret advice” on fishing the area. He prep up our tackles and out went our baits.. Not long after.. Don got his first take!! After playing the fish for quite awhile and the Operator was no where to be found.. I went to find him personally and got him to release the fish safely after a nice photo was taken!

Just about then, one group of anglers decide to leave one of the hotspots in the spot. We took over the place and went into baiting mode.. I had a couple of bites, nothing that really took the bait. So I called for half time. Left my rod by the railing and went to get a coke! When I came back, some inconsiderate angler just parked himself right
in-front of my rod… Mind you it was ridiculous, he was using a boat rod + Avet reel at a pond. Not to mention the whole pond only had us 3 at that time!

I don’t see why it’s needed when I see people landing redtail cats with an Abu Revo size reel.. Maybe he was thinking he was at Tg.Pinang? But what I fuming mad was that he literally when Don was next to him by my rod.. Jump over the fence and fish there and parked himself for 30mins or more. However it was not meant for him and he left to the other side!

Soon it was chit chat time and we were about to leave when I finish explaining to Don how to use the naviconics on iphone. Just as I was done, I saw Don just climbing over the fence hastily and strike into the fish good.. I quickly told him off and ask them to keep on walking away from the structure. So as to guide the fish away!! I had the fish done me in 3 times due to them running into it. SO it was a vital lesson learnt!!

15mins later and one happy man!! Don expression on his face was priceless!
Here are some photos of the fight!

Happy Days Don!! So when is our next trip again LOL