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Puny, Tiny, Medium!

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last expedition. My fellow kaki Don went to France to attend some family matters and told me before he left, in almost exacts words ” You better not fish without me, I don’t want to see any pictures of you with any kims caught while I’m in France!!”.

Lucky for him, I was busy for work and my house warming that I didn’t managed the time to wet the line 🙂
Since it was a public holiday today, we planned for a trip to Punggol to explore new grounds. 5 of us were suppose to meet up at 630. However my brother overslept and decided to skip the trip.

So Bernard, Jingwen, Don and myself, took our time setting up at a comfortable pace.
Look at the grins as we were about to launch.. Here’s Bernard and Jingwen.

Here’s Don trying to “swipe” some prawns off my baitbox. 😛

We soon paddled away towards Coney Island for some luring but it was not meant to be. Jingwen and Bernard then tried the Kelong within their sight and had a hit or 2 without a proper hookup. Soon enough, the 4 of us decided to paddle towards Ubin.

Into my first fish, it was a PUNY grouper that took my live prawn ever so readily.

Another cast in produced a slightly TINY Grouper. So it was 2 up for me within the 1st hour.

However, it all went quiet then… But mother nature was kind enough for me to witness an Wild Otter + A mother wild boar + 2 baby boar while waiting for the fish to bite.. Another 45mins in and I decided to change spot a new one which I’ve yet to try.

It was almost a grouper per drop!!! I reckon, I had almost about 10 groupers within 1hr!
All of which 3 I’ve kept! Not to mentioned a smallish Mangrove Jack.

One of the slightly bigger groupers.

A Tiger Grouper.

A dead Toad Fish within the Tiger Grouper’s Mouth.

The deep reed coloration of the Mangrove Jack.

Here’s the Mangrove Jack swimming off back to the deep green ocean!

A small snapper caught as well 🙂

My bag of fish that I took home for the family 🙂

It was then time to head back home, Don and myself was totally shacked paddling back from Ubin. But nonetheless, it was a rewarding trip for us. As we found a new spot to play 🙂 OOossshhH!!!

Tightlines to all!


Fishing for the kids!

Last weekend, my brother, Mark and myself brought our families out for a short fishing session for some bonding time 🙂

We headed down to Farmway3 Catch and Release, Iwarna. They recently introduced a pole fishing section for Tilapias. Which I personally felt it was good fun for the little ones 🙂

Both Ashleigh and Kenson had a good.. Kenson still needed some help however for Ashleigh, after awhile she mentioned to catch a few fishes on her own! *Proud Daddy!!*

Here’s my family in action 🙂 We will definitely be back 🙂

Ashleigh waiting for a bite!

Ashleigh’s Biggest fish caught!

Here’s grumpy Kenson after woken up from his sleep having a go!

Here’s his catch 🙂

Should any families wanna introduce their little ones to fishing. You could give this place a try 🙂 Their friendly staff is also there to assist you guys should you need assistance..

Tightlines to all 🙂

Nomad comes home!

I finally picked up “Nomad” last week.. Just before the trip out with Don for a test drive.
I was surprise that it managed to fit my little picanto just nicely.
Here’s one shot of the feel free ‘Nomad’ Kayak on top of my car.

I managed to carry it back home to try and see how I can rig up my sounder to it.
But before I could even try that out.. my kids had a ‘rocking’ good time!

Managed to bring the yak out last saturday with Don to hit the waters. It was a pretty slow day with a total of 1 AC and 6 groupers caught.. We only kept 2 fishes and released the rest..

Here’s the official first fish on the new kayak!

My verdict on the feel free “Nomad”.
Weighing at about 20kgs.. It was slightly heavy to carry by oneself for long but still bearable.. Tracking wise.. it seems to be much better then the advance elements and the tequlia “My personal opinion.” What was good to have was the 2 inbuilt rod holders which came with rod clips to secure the rod as well + the dry hatch!

Overall, it’s performing way over my expectations and I’m quite happy about it 🙂