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Last week Mid-Week Session

Somehow found this 1 photo in my iphone that has not been shared 🙂
Anyway it seems that the fishing in Singapore tends to get better around this time and should last till Early Feb.

Here’s my catch on a solo expedition sometime last week on a 3hr session.



3 Weeks since …

It’s been 3 weeks since my last trip out with Don and we decided to head back to one of our original spots when we first started out fishing together. Having picked up our baits, we head off to the launch site.

We took a slow paddle to our intended spot. Stopping at every indication of fish / dropoffs from our sounder. My first drop off ranged the 9ft to 14ft. Down went my prawn… 10ft / Bounced it down abit more… 11ft… A then a similar tug followed on.. As the line tighten, I striked in succession and the weight behind it, told me it was a decent fish. Shortly after this came up 🙂

Up and down the prawns went throughout the day, with snappers visiting us and smallish groupers as well.
A couple of them were undersize and thus, released for another day 🙂

Here are the other catches between both of us.

Don’s snapper!

My total catches which consist of 4 snappers and 1 groupers, just enuff for the week for the family.

Till next week!!


Stanley’s first trip out and a first species for Don

Last Saturday, Stanley, Don and myself met up at one of our launch sites really early at about 645am. Armed with prawns and jigs, we made our way across the channel to our first spot. It was quite an easy paddle this morning as it was an out-going tide.

It’s always important for kayak anglers to choose a tide which would assist them when paddling the distance. What I’ll normally do is to choose an out-going tide when I launch and I return it would an in-coming tide. So both ways, we would at some point have the current assisting us when we paddle.

Back to the fishing, Don was into his first grouper on his first cast towards the breakwaters. A nice spotted grouper surfaced and was released to fight another day. Stanley, was on his first trip out on the kayak. He had the 2nd fish of the trip. Not to mention his first fish on a kayak.

Stanley with his first fish! A photo was called for!!

A few more groupers came along and play which were released accordingly for them to grow bigger.
Stanley had a grouper or 2 on his jig while jigging off a 30ft drop. It was definitely an eye-opener for both me and Don. Got to admit that we were quite impress. I should give it a good the next time 🙂

However, the highlight of the day has to go to Don, with a small Golden Trevally landed on a dead prawn!!
It was his first GT on his kayak. Happy days!!

Another photo was called!

Stanley then had 2 huge takes on his setup, a salty fighter which unfortunately, could not make a connection to the fish. Just then, the winds picked up so strong, that we decided to head back before it would get any worse.

It was a hard and tiring paddle, however nonetheless after 45mins, we arrived back safely on shore!
Guess, it would be another 2 more weeks before I can head out again on my yak.
Till then!! Cheerios!