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SG Anglers is officially Out!

The app I’ve created with the help of some friends is finally out on the iTunes App Store!

Download and support the local fishing community!
SG ANGLERS on the App Store!

It’s still abit raw but I believe within 2 months when information is collated and updated properly it would be a useful app!!

Tight lines!!


Stocking up the Fridge

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last trip out and sometime mid week, our fish stock in the fridge has been depleted. So orders from the maid was to stock it up for 1 week. So that we can cont. to have our daily fish meal over dinner.

Anyway it was a short 4 shorts trip with about 1 hour allocated for paddling. Here was our result. All caught on Ultra Light set ups which gave us a run for the money when a huge fish take the bait.

Here’s Don with his beast from bottom his yak!

I wished I could get a snapper of that size, but it seems that the chermins were always visiting me today >.<.. Here's our overall catch. Took back 6 Chermins for the week.
Yummy and easy to clean.

Take a look at this!!

Amazing stuff which I believe would come in useful for us if we ever do get caught in that situation. But the person showing the technique is truly a mental case!

Mangroves Bash + AJN Fishing Rod

Back from a tiring session of some Mangrove Bashing. Don and myself went to check out a new spot that we have wanted to try for quite awhile. We took quite awhile to reach the spot. The tide has almost peaked and it was totally still..

Down went our eager prawns that swam as though they had their freedom. Within mins, the first bite was indicated and I struck swiftly into it. The fight was decent and up came a decent size snapper. Man this snappers seems to conquering the whole seas… Everywhere we go we tend to find them 😛

I felt my tackle was abit too heavy for the occasion so I swap to my UltraLight Rod. It’s an AJN Carbon X I reckon.. Paired up with a Penn 2000 size reel.

Just then, Don had a strong tug and boy did he had fun at this new location! Up came a respectable size grunter for the keeps.

As the current peak out, the action ceased for almost 2 hours as there wasn’t much current. Once it started moving again, we were into some fishes again!! Here’s my Grunter on my UltraLight.

Man it gave such a good fight on the AJN ROD!!! It was the biggest fish I had so far on the AJN and it far exceeded my expectations. Hmmm maybe a 2nd rod to come soon I reckon. Anyway down went another prawn and a bite was signaled. tap.. tap… *EXTREME PULL* This fish really put the rod to the test however the AJN did it again. As the fish started to surface I noticed a similar patten. It was coming in in a circular patten.. CHERMIN I exclaimed and true enough up came a silvery diamond from the deep!

We ended the day in high spirits. All in all 2 grunters and 1 chermin ended up with us back home for the plates. I reckon we released about 10+ fishes as well ranging from ACK, grunters and herrings. Maybe next time, if we are lucky enough, a friendly Barra or Mangrove Jack will pay a visit to us. 🙂