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A day on board – It’s GR-R-REAT.

The booking was done almost 4 months before for this trip out with Jimmy. As a angler, what I and most of my friends look into when chartering a boat for fishing. Is the captain. Jimmy from my years of boat fishing has proven himself as a “One of a kind”. He will produce the goods and will assist you at anytime when you require assistance.

Anyway this trip was special because, Sharon my wife was following us. Along with her long time friend and fishing buddy Peili and her brother Chee Yong. We met up early and proceeded down to the meeting point for some breakfast and to stock up the rations before we went for our 10-11 hours boat trip.

Launching the boat and out in the sea has always given us all a good feeling. Here’s Sharon and Peili Optimistic for the days of fishing.

After awhile we arrived at our first spot.. We took our time to set up and loaded up our suicidal prawns that would scout the seabed for any lazy buggers that would need coaxing to swallow them. First into the first was myself, the human fish finder with a smallish grouper that was released for another day. A few mins, later I was in again with a decent grouper for the family!

Next into a fish was Chee Yong with a Grunter.

Then it started all the smallish fishes were stripping our baits dry. Sharon prawn was an exceptional and was trained in ‘Stealth’. From start till now it was untouched. So I advised her to try my spot in hopes for a bite. So I swapped places with her and let down my KamaKazei Prawn. Just as it hit the bottom, there was a light tug.. followed by another. Waiting for the 3rd light tug, I struck into it swiftly.

This fish was different and had weight behind it. Not wanting to anticipate that it’s a good fish, I just kept quiet. The fight was so similar to a huge catfish… but alas it turned up to be a 6lb grouper for the keeps!

Then it went quiet.. and off to a new spot we went. This spot looks promising and was crying out BARRAMUNDI!!! We took it slow, ate our lunch and re-position the anchor when we were ready. Within 5mins, I had a take even before I locked down my reel. Up came, true enough the first barramundi of the day.

Here’s Peili with her barramundi catch on a Pink Rubber Grub!! She earlier had missed about 2 hits on the lure as well.

Lastly from the Barramundi spot,
Sharon had her first wild Kim, if I remember correctly. This barra behaved like a Grouper hiding in the rocks and dashing out and back in. Nonetheless, it was caught!

Just to mentioned that all the Seabass aka Barramundi caught was released.
So off to another spot, that was new it seems. So we weren’t expecting anything. First in was CheeYong with a nice grouper.

Then it happened.. CheeYong again had a massive take, almost instantaneously breaking his 35lb Shock leader at a go. It was explained that based on the feeling he was getting from his sinker, there was a small hole at one area and asked me to try.

So down went my prawn and it hit hard bottom. I lifted up and moved it abit more.. this time, it went deeper down. I found the hole. I lifted up the rod again.. but just as the prawn was going away from the hole, something took it hard!! This fish really fought hard! However, this time round I was on my birthday Setup, which was slightly stiffer due to a rod tip break LOL.
Up came this beauty!

Nothing big came up from there since.. So we went off to have abit of trolling fun.
Here’s me and my dearest wife having a good time.

As we went deep into night, Peili and myself both missed one each while trolling. Unfortunately then it was time to call it a day. We headed back to the Marina, happy with the day’s experience.

Thanks Jimmy for the great day out. Plus Peili and Brother for the company. Sharon for allowing me to share my passion of fishing with you. Not forgetting the family that made those fantastic satay at the clubhouse + DoubleBlack J.Walker that accompanied us throughout the trip.

Tight lines all!!


My 1st Trip to Sedili

Never really been back out to deep sea fishing since my last trip to Tg.Pinang in 2004. When our boat was boarded by their “very own pirates” pointing AK47’s at the members. Frozen back in time, I still remember how dangerous that situation was and esp, when Sharon was there with me on her first trip out to a 3D2N trip.

Fast Forward another 7years and here I was going to give Sedili a try. However due to some unfortunate circumstances, Don had to pull out his slot. We all met up really early at the meeting point at 0230hrs on a Saturday Morning. After getting to know the rest of the people that I was going to fish with.. We move on to our destination!

First stop was to get 150pcs of prawns in the middle of the night. With some confusion of the shop location as the owner moved house. We finally sorted it out and before we knew it, we were on the boat heading out to sea at approximate 545am! I took a quick nap and work up at about 715 and managed to catch a nice sunrise!

As I looked around, everyone’s Weapons was in place and ready for the big one!

We reach the first stop and hoping to land the big one came to everyone’s mind. But it was not meant to be. No signs of the much said tenggiri aka spanish macks! All we had were fishes that look quite abit like baby bonito cross with Kambong!

We changed almost 2 spots.. along the way picking up their bubu traps they have laid previously.
Total catch from those bubu were 1 lobster!!! 2 groupers about 7.5kg and 3kg respectivily and some others snappers!!

On one spot, I managed to land a nice decent red emperor! Taken on a live Selar!

Soon most of the anglers were knocked out by the extreme choppy waters! Human Berley were been contributed to the ocean! Soon it was time to head back. It was really really really poor catch that day. However the company was great! The weather was abit unkind to us and the fish weren’t around to play. Well guess it happens when it comes to fishing. We always have that sort of days even on the kayaks.

Here’s some of the catch of the day!

Here’s me with an under-exposed photo with the monster grouper!

Here’s Zul cleanin up the fishes for the guys!

Here’s me helping Zul, descale all the fishes!

After all is done and we washed up at the jetty, we all headed for a feast that was fit for the kings!!

Thanks guys for the wonderful trip out! Maybe next time, the seas would be kind to us and provide us with better weather and better day’s of fishing! At least all of us manage to bring back an estimate of 6kgs of fish 🙂 Thanks Zul for organizing such a trip 🙂

The Tan Brothers on board It’s Gr-R-Reat!!!

As I woke up yesterday, I need not need to rush as I’ve loaded up my gears the night before. Had a quick shower and said my grace. As quoted from rapala with a twist “Oh Lord, there he is…….he feels like a big one,….please don’t let me lose him, I’ve never had one this big, I promise not to “horse him”, and if I land him, I’ll release him into my icebox. Thank you for the day out!……Amen.”

I met up with Jimmy and my Brother for breakfast before we board the boat to the first spot that I knew would have some snappers on the line for us!!

Within 5mins and the first one was up!! Yoooshhh!!!

Here’s one of the many AngCho’s I had for the day!

Followed by a few more beauties around our little island of Singapore.

We soon move to another spot around ubin.. and Jimmy was first into a fish. A nice size Grouper for the keeps!

Just then another bite was indicated on my rod.. bite bite and a huge tug! I struck into it and wooo another Ang Cho!

The tide was at a standstill and soon we were just chilling out downing alcoholic drinks throughout the days and soon enough I had a huge take and Woooo out comes a familiar fish!! The first of the 4 Mangrove Jacks that was landed on the trip!

Me with my drink with the Mangrove Jack!

Throughout that one spot, we were had small bites here and there.. Parrot fish, groupers and stuff.. and Jimmy pull out the magic out of the hat.. With a drink in his hand, he struck steadily as a bite indicated. Skillfully he subdue the fish! A nice Barramundi!

Jimmy with his Seabass!

By the time it was about 430pm, we had finished up 1kg of prawns Plus top up of S$10 worth!!
Not to mentioned there was only 3 of us on board the boat!! So here’e the catch so far..

Total catch by late-afternoon.

So off to the highlight of the day.. Which was trolling behind Tekong. Mark was the trolling Man of the Moment with 2 Jacks + 1 Tiger Grouper for the keeps on the troll. Whereas I lost 1 huge take when my main line got sliced off by the rocks!

Here’s Mark with the MJ he caught off luring. Such nice colors!!

I will try to get more pictures of his catch and upload it real soon. Overall it was a great days of fishing esp with Jimmy from It’s Gr-r-reat!! Nice company/loads of fishes/ loads of drinks!!

To end the weekend, we had 1/2 bottle of Black label, finished up 1/4 of Chivas and also 1/4 of Jim Bean and a fab dinner with 3 of the fishes we caught!!

Fishing on board ” It’s Gr-R-Reat!!!”

Finally our pre-longed booked boat fishing weekend had arrived. The 4 excited anglers met up at punggol marina at 830am to get ready to board the boat, It’s Gr-R-Reat!!! that it’s been chartered by Jimmy.

All was onboard and off we went to get our Kilo of Live Prawns.. and to our first spot.
The first spot gave mark 2 Ang Kways on his first 2 drops. That was about it with the odd small bites but nothing solid. Off to the 2nd spot..

Now this spot would be the saving grace of the day, a total of 4 Solid Chermins & 2 FUGU (Released) were landed. Peili lost 1 fish, Mark had a one way ticket which almost spooled him but was saved by the breakage of the main line leader..

Our 3 spot, Peili had a nice fingermark but bouncing her sinker and let it drift with the current.. Up to this time, I was the only one not catching fish. Of which I was not confident of my baiting skills as I pretty much lure then bait.

We swap only 3 more spots but yield no results. Then we started trolling and luring. That was when I landed my first fish a grouper on lure. My brother had 2 more the lure trolling… and one monsterous take which finally SPOOLED HIM!!! BWAHAHAHAHAA…… We suspected it was a barracuda as it peeled line off like a bullet train and we were trolling for them.

Then it’s time to go back after almost 12hrs of fishing. Great company.. great fun.. it GREAT on board It’s Gr-R-Reat!!!.. Kudos to the boatman, Jimmy for a wonderful time out at sea.


Some Overseas Fishing from Shore and Sea

Some catches I had from shore via surfcasting or by boat.  Using mainly lugworms and peeler crabs as baits.
Fishes range from Soles, Flounders, Whitings, Smoothies and Cods.