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My first Redtail Cat on a grub

After almost about 60hrs in total of hard work. I finally managed to land my first RTC at farmway 3.
It took a white grub on a slow crank just by the shallows. It also broke the ‘duck’ on my first customised marble rod. I was overall very very happy.. Both with the catch and also the performance of the blank 🙂 HAPPY HAPPY DAYS!!

Tight lines to all and I hope you guys will hit your desired fish target for 2012!



Saturday Night at Farmway 3.

Last night, the attendance of 4 went to Farmway 3 without the kids. This included, Mark, Wailing, Sharon and Myself. The ladies, were chit chatting, while the men went fishing.
I was armed with my camoblue, short BC version + Abu Black Max. My brother was testing out his new rod and paired it with his abu elite I think..

Off we went luring.. within my 10th cast, I had a proper take at the extreme right of the pond, just slightly off the spinning wheels.. I held on tight, a little thumbing here and there, I managed to steer it away from the water pump.. As the fish, gulpped for air, and flip it’s body back, I saw a red tail!! I thought finally, the time has come for my first big red! Unfortunately, a sudden burst of speed into the pump it went. I thumbed the spool to stop it and PIAK!!! My main line broke!! >.<" Lesson learnt, when buying a 2nd hand reel from someone, even if it comes with braid line, just change to a new one….

Just as I went back to re-tie, my brother hooked up and landed a small chao praya with ease on his new rod but he forgot to take a photo. Nonetheless, the night cont. to give us quite a few good fishes + fight. My brother managed to land another 2 more fishes.

Mark's 2nd fish caught for the night.

Mark into the 3rd fish.

Mark with his 3rd fish.

Shortly after, all hell broke loose on my end, when I hooked up a monster.. This was when I realised, my rod i built was alright. However, I would definately need my Abu2500c for the pond instead of the blackmax. The fight went to and fro for a good 15mins…

Here’s my rod flexing,

Here’s me Monkeying around and getting abused.

However, maybe I was doing the same mistake again by thumbing the reel.. PIAK went the line.. The monster of the deep disappeared in front of me. A glimpse earlier by my brother and myself concluded the fish was a huge Chao Praya, at least a good 30kgs worth.. >.<..

Oh well till the next time again. However in the end, at least my brother was happy with the rod I built it up for him.. With ample lifting power to tame the beast 🙂

Till then.. Tightlines.

Pasir Ris Farmway 3 C&R

The Pasir Ris Farmway 3 has become more or less a weekend outing for both my bother’s family and mine. We would normally spend about 2hrs there luring for the kicks over the weekend. Just to spend some family time between both of our families.

This trip, my brother managed to land one red tail cat 🙂 Which yet again I’ve yet to land one of that size!!! And then, missed another 2 more and we were both on grubs 🙂

As for myself, I had a take that was so strong, it kinda almost pulled my setup out of my hand. The current set up I used was a custom made rod, rated 10-15lb + Abu Black max loaded with 14lb braided power pro… I managed to luckily, grip my rod in time and gave it a strike and the fight was on. This was the moment I was waiting for.. a real test on the self made rod. Camoblue V2 BC series 😛

Here’s one nice angle of the flex on the rod 🙂

Along came my brother’s son, Gavin to give me support as the little deckie.. Here’s his few moments of glorious spotlight on the internet 🙂

Gavin, giving me moral and eye power support!

Gavin, giving me more levelrage and making sure that I won’t fail into the pond 🙂
Felt like a scene as though, I’m fighting a huge tuna, standing up with a gimbal and the deckie holding me back lol

Unfortunately, the first sign of it was been foulhooked, was when I managed to bring it up half way through the fight. Instead of the head coming out first, it was the tail. Man.. and to think I cranked really slowly along the bottom.. Anyways, having saw that, I wasted no time and really just pumpped the fish back to end the fight fast so that it would not be so distress.

The fight ended in about 5mins or less.. I was impress of the way, the rod managed to maintain it’s loading power on such a fish… No photos, were taken of the fish out of the water as I did not want to distress it any longer. Thanks to the deckie on hand to release the fish fast and it swam away good.

Tail pic of the fish. I reckon an estimate from it’s size.. a good 10-15kg Patin…

Till next week 🙂


Abused but yet happy!!

As usual, this weekend, my brothers family along with mine went to Farmway3 CnR pond for some short session of fishing. It seems to be almost a regular Sunday outing with us spending almost 2hrs there per session.

We normally use rubber jigs instead of live baits when we fish there. We just happen to start when the action was getting hot. Lucky US!!! Fishes were landed to my left and opposite of me.

As I was luring my grub back, I had a distinctive tug at the end of the line right at my feet and it led to a huge tug of war which lasted for 10mins+ on my abu2500 at Max Drag..

The beast from beneath was swimming everywhere.. and at one point it almost ran to the pump area, which I managed to thumb my spool and steer it back into the safe zone. Even though my reel was at it’s max, line was still being dragged out easily by the monster! Thumbing the spool really helped alot and because I did that, I managed to land the beast that abused and tortured both my arms and tackles to the max!

Kudos to the pond operator assistance to be on hand to help me land it for a snapshot!
After releasing it, I found my arm, shivering from the build up of lactic acid. I rest upon the fencing catching my breath and thoughts on what just happened.. Not to mention the doctor just told me the day before, to lay off fishing for awhile due to the injury caused by the catfish LOL..

Here’s the glorious moment captured on my brother’s phone! Thanks Mark!

My first fish on a grub~~!!

Finally landed a fish on a grub!! I went back to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 last night with a friend. After having missed a monsterous take the other day there on a rubber grub.. I decided to arm myself with my trusty Abu2500ciar + AjiKing 8-16lb rod.

After like almost 1hr 30mins of luring.. I finally had a take or so it may seem… Line was going away.. Struck into it and the fight was on!! Happy days!! However, I knew the fish was huge.. but the fight was weird! I suspected that I might have foul hook the fish. Which I did by it’s side fin!!

So knowing that I’ve foul hook the fish, I hurried up the fight and got the beast up under 5mins. Photo taken and release 🙂

The unfortunate fish.

So back to luring again and within 10mins I had a strong take .. This time was a proper take just as I was about to re-cast.. I immediately gave 2 hard strikes to set the hook.. And I was pretty sure it was RedTail Cat fish. I then decided to give my friend a go at the fish. Unfortunately after awhile of tugging the hook BENT!!! We lost it!! Oh well.. we then call it a day and went back home.

I can’t ask for more after a few days of hectic work and to finally de-stress for a few hours. Time to hit the sack!! Night guys!!


7-11 : Revisit to the FP Pond

Was working pretty much through our long weekend on a project. Till the extent that I had a total mental block and what better way to unblock it by going fishing with my wife. So, I grabbed my new rod and reel and off I went to break the big “O” in this rod.

Managed to drop the kids off for 2hrs and headed off to the pond. We were quite lucky to have the whole pond to ourselves and I first started off with some lures. I was trying to do without the baits today and total enjoy myself. Reason been, the past 2 times here, I was showing the ropes of fishing to my friends and letting them have a feel of it. But hey, it’s all good 🙂

The rod combo was quite light to me, it’s a 5’3 BC rod, matched with the Abu SX which I just bought and I was quite surprised with the action of the rod for it’s priced of S$75. Anyway back to the report.

Within the first 10mins, I had my first take on the rattlin lure, which I bought when I was back in UK.

Photo and released without a hassle.. I went on to catch another 2 more on the lure, missed about 4 >.<''

Finally baited up a deadmeat for Sharon to have a go and she was into a fish. The funny thing is I reckon the fishes in the pond tend to Headbutt the bait first without taking.. and with a slight retrieve, it would take the bait and try to make off with it.

Here's Sharon with her fish of the day.

After that, it went quiet for abit and with me missing another 2 more hits. Haiz… dunno what’s wrong.
Soon we got back and I plong myself back onto my chair and worked for another few hours. I managed to finished my work, however, experience some weird chest pains which were sudden and off to the doctors.

The doctors were asking me questions that was leading up to the symptoms of a minor heart attack.. but then ruled that out and decided that it was just over exhaustion as I only had like 8hrs sleep for that 2 days creating almost 40mocks of design and 1 flash. Not to mention that he mentioned that my blood pressure was abit high in the range of 160.

So I was given 2 days MC to cover for Monday and Tuesday to have ample rest. But I reckon I should be returning back to work on Tuesday. Till then, so looking forward to luring again. Man if this cont’s gone with the kayak… back full time for on shore luring LOL.. Lets see LOL…

All the way from UK

Hi all, let me introduce you to one of my fishing buddy Steve!! He stays in the UK and pops by to Singapore once a year for the pass 3 yrs!!

Well I met him through a small circle of lure anglers in the UK! He is from the Lure Anglers Society! Well so when he is in Singapore I will sort him out for some fishing.

Just had some photos from him luring in the cool waters of UK!! Caught himself a nice Zander and a Carp on a grub!

Thought I might post it up here since I’m not fishing today and also to spice up the blog abit with something different!!

Thanks Steve for your contribution!!
And hope to see you soon over in Singapore for some Kayak Fishing mate!!