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Mathew da Chef – Sashimi Ang Cho

Today while fishing I managed to catch 2 nice table size Ang Cho.. The same fish that I made my sweet and sour fish with. While degutting the chermin that I’ve caught earlier.. I thought of having the ang cho as a sashimi dish!!

Out came the sharp knife and the filleting process begins. Once that was done, was the de-skinning process which was quite easy.. Slice them up into nice strips.. And we were all ready for my first sashimi attempt!! ..

One word for it..!! NICE!!!!!!!
My wife whom don’t even eat raw sushi was blown away by the taste of the fresh fish and she wanted more!!!




Mathew da Chef – Sweet and Sour Fish

Catch a fish for a man, you feed him for one day.. Teach him how to fish.. You feed him the whole life!!
I wonder who came up with such ingenious tag line..!!

Today, I’ve decided to make Sweet and Sour Fish for dinner out of the remaining Ang Cho which I had. ( Gave half of it to my grandma). Only halfway through the process I decided to take pictures along the way to show how I cooked it.. But I will try my best to explain my cooking process :P. Amateur cooking at it’s best.

1) I first fillet my Ang Cho removing it’s skin as well.. Then started slicing it up into strips or cubes.
2) Marinated them in light soya sauce and sprinkled pepper over the fish strips..
3) Evenly coat them with CORN FLOUR.. Yes Corn Flour .. not normal flour ya…

Now with the preparation all done and ready for cooking.. Pour in the oil into to wok.. heat it up till it’s all ready to fry 🙂 .. Now.. this is where the magic and fun begins 🙂

4) Drop the corn flour coated fish strips into the wok and let it cook.. Don’t try to stir it up straight away!! Just use the wok and shake it abit.. once you can see it move within the wok you know that the corn flour has not stick to the pan. Only then you use your spatula to stir it up till it’s lightly golden in colour.
First fry..

5) Okie then once you got them all cooked and out of the wok… Drop them back all in again for a short while till it’s proper golden in colour then take them out again. Why 2 times ??? Because… the 2nd time makes the corn flour coating even crispier!!! Try it 🙂 It’s the same method I use for my Sweet and Sour Pork…


6) Now we come to the sauce part.. We would need
– Tomato Ketchup
– Chilli Sauce
– Mixture of Corn Flour / Water and / Light Soya Sauce

7) The ratio of ketchup to chilli would be 3:1. Then when it’s boiling up, pour in the mixture of cornflour/water/lightsoya and stir.. As it boils the mixture, the corn flour would start to thicken up the sauce. If it gets too thick for your liking u can always add more water to it.. Basically cornflour mixture is one of the commonly use methods to achieve gravy like sauce for most chinese dishes.

8) Once the Sauce is done, you just need to put it into a bowl and drop the fish into it and serve up.. ( To add more colours and texture, you could add stuff like cucumber, green and red peppers.. pineapple.. Anything that you reckon you would like with it 🙂 As for this instance I had none of those as I decided to cook last min.

Yup that’s about it 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it… my own style of cooking shared for the first time LOL…
Maybe if time allows I’ll share my Mince Chicken Dumpling Soup recipe soon as well… Anyway here is my daughter having one fish dipper without sauce and how it looks like with sauce on my plate.


That’s all folks till next time 🙂