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Finished!! My first ‘Marbled’ Rod!

Finally finished up my rod this morning by attaching the rapala buttcap that I’ve removed from my other rods 🙂
Here’s the finished product 🙂

The Rapala Butt_Cap 😛

Marbling on the guides to blend in the threading.

My first inscription for myself.

Following on all guides as well have the same marbling treatment 🙂

Hopefully I can only get better when time goes on.. 🙂
Then maybe can freelance rod build 😛



Army Marble

I’ve managed to strip down the first rod that I’ve built and try to work on some marbling.
It’s quite interesting to work with different media and waiting for 12-16hrs before having a feel of the rod.

Here’s the outcome so far, I’ve also strip an old rapala rod, buttcap to be installed onto the rod later on.

Handles + grip installed with a long marbling on the initial part of the rod.

Marbling on future guides area.

ButtCap that was extracted from a Rapalaro rod.

That’s all for now. Hopefully this latest rod will standout from the rest I did so far 🙂


Experimenting on Marbling

Was looking at youtube and gotten inspiration from a local rod builder on Marbling. So I’ve decided to give it a try. However finding the pigments, in Singapore proved to be tough. Instead, I decided to try out with other media such as Acrylic Paint…

Did the mixture and how out that actually it wasn’t that suitable a media, as when the paint mix it up with the epoxy, it would become abit like chewing gum with less tact. However, I was still able to mix it up and it somehow turn up quite alright I feel.

Mixed up on the Bay rod.

After 12hrs on the dryer. It turn out alright 🙂

So I tried, on another position on my test rod another method. Basically instead of mixing the epoxy in, I’ve just layered the paint on top of the base epoxy. EPIC FAILURE!! It became like a acrylic painting with textures and bumps. Not as smooth as the previous. So ain’t going to try that out anymore lol.

Epic Failure drying on the rack.

However, at least now I know what is possible and what is not do-able 🙂
So watch out for my next rod 🙂 As I will try to include some marbling. Basically I’ve strip down my first rod made and hope to redo it. Alot of work. Now I know the pain rod builders go through. Total Respect!


Mark’s Custom Rod

Managed to finished up a custom rod for my brother.
He wanted something with a long butt and something that could tackle the fishes at Farmway3.

Here are the specs,
AJIKING Blank rated at 8-20lb / Baitcaster
8+1 guides (Normal guides for now as I’m just starting out)

Here’s some pics of the rod.
Managed to sand down the EVA and insert a winding check.

Rod guides in place.

Threading on the guides.

Product testing was done that night itself when completed. Pics in the next post.

The Birth of the “BlueCamo”

Recently, I’ve gotten myself a 2nd hand rod bay for building your own rods and started learning how to build simple rods.
The first one was alright but the 2nd one I did was much better. Started on a Thursday and by Saturday morning it was ready for fishing.

Here’s some snap shot of the new rod that I’ve build.

Rod Drying on a Friday Morning

Anyway, today I headed out for a short session with my brother once again. We decided to head out to the north side.
When we arrived at our launch site. We met up with another kayak’er whom unfortunately could not launch his yak due to a leak that he has just found out. He had generously gave us some of his prawns. While we were chatting his friend just happen to catch a chermin from shore!! Well done!!

So we loaded up and off we went for our trip.
Here’s my brother in his new Tequlia!

First into the action was yours truely with a small snapper which broke the ‘virginity’ of ‘BlueCamo’..
It didn’t really test much of it’s backbone but nonetheless, the rod caught me a fish 🙂

A memorable moment.

The action then died down totally with no fish for the next 2 hrs.. We ventured into the mangroves abit and admired what mother nature has given to us.. 🙂

We then decided to go out for another 1 hour or so.. The wind was picking up and thanks to our anchor.. we mentioned to anchor down to our spot to have more time over the drop and structure. A couple of snappers came and go.. Mark caught 2 decent size snapper as well..

As for me.. I was still dry from the first fish. Desperate for a bigger fish. For the first time.. I’ve hooked up 2 live prawns onto my hook. Down the bait went… within 1min.. there was a take.. Strike!!!! This fish was not fighting like a usual snapper. It had some weight and led me to think that it was a decent size grouper! From the deep then it appeared a shark-like figure.. I honestly thought I hooked up a small blacktip at the north.. But I was mistaken.. a decent sized catfish that managed to push the light rod to the limit. I’m thankful to the fish for testing out the bend on the rod 🙂

Here’s a short clip on it.

After awhile more.. we decided to head back shore. Paddling against the wind 🙂
It was fun as well meeting up with 2 kayakers on hobies in the sea 🙂

Nonetheless it was a good day out on my fishing machine.
Feeling free on the water!