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Down but not Out!!!

Currently my kayak is down and sick!! Therefore unable to go out. However it’s not out for good!!

I’m getting the rip which seemed to have started at the seams, bow side, patched up hopefully by this weekend!

Maybe even by tomorrow depending on my time schedule. If that’s the case, maybe I could squeeze a short trip over the weekend.

How the tear started, am not even sure as I only noticed it last Sunday.. Went down to ActiveSports and they could offer me a replacement fabric cover from their demo set but at a price.

However patching it would be a fraction of that price so am going to patch it up instead.. But in the meantime, I posted on the advance elements forum and see what kind of advice I can get from them.

Oh well a weekend together with the family!!

Till then Cheerios!!’


RAPALA Sportsman Classic

After 2 broken rods in the space for 3 months, I’m left with only one
2 pc Zues C3 baitcast rod.

My mind was in a mess this Monday morning, thinking bout my kayak fabric and
broken rod. To make matters worse, I was having a design mental block

Just nice it was lunch time and I decided to head out for a walk to
release the stress. Soon my feet brought me to Beach Road. The Holy Land for all SG Anglers in search of gears!

In and out of shops I went. Last stop at HotSpot. A rod caught my
eye and soon I was fiddling with it and ended up buying that rod for
$47 after discount & that comes with a 1 yr warranty as well.

The replacement rod would be a Rapala Sportsman Classic. 8lb-20lb
6ft6″, 1 piece rod.. Backbone alignment was pretty much straight..
Good buy and find I might say!! It seems like it was quite a good loading/butt power. But guess that I would have to test it out on my next trip..

Hopefully a new rod would in turn give me a HUGE Fish!!

Mark’s Maiden Trip

“Ring…. Vibbbbbb Ring”. Hello?? Hey Mat, do we need a box with pump for the prawns? Half dazed I look at the time 0515. OMG, I’m late!!! I was suppose to meet at 0530!!

Sorry but overslept could we meet at 0600 and nope dun need net unless u want too and off I went!!

Got to Sincere on time, grabbed the prawns and a quick bite and off we went for Marks maiden trip out!!

It took awhile and explaining to my bro on the inflation process and how not to over inflate and stuff. We got our stuff all rig up and off we went.

However just before we hit water I noticed that my AE Frame inner fabric tore on the bow of the kayak for unknown reason which I would check it out later after the wash down at the end of the trip.

First pit stop the wreck that Wenlong caught his 1.5kg Ang Cho.. After a while, my bro caught his first fish on a Kayak!! A small Ang Cho… Which he CnR’ed it after the session in precautio of scaring the school ahead. However, there was no more bites then.

So off to secret spot 2… Hit the Jackpot! On my first drop, immediately I had a strong take which produced me a nice Ang Cho!! I then hurried my brother over as he slowly paddled over. 2nd PrAwn down and the same thing happen!!! 2-1 for me!!’

What happen next was too shameful!! My brother had a snag rig while in the meantime I lost 3 bites in a row without hitting into the fish!! WTH!!

Crazy!! The fishing action died and we soon paddled our way back to shore. Met up the guys from Flip productions as they prepare to take their strait edge out!!

Heard that they had 1Chermin in the end and lost quite a few bites as well. At least they had good fun which am glad..

Apart from the fishing. I also broke my rod tip!! Kayak fabric tore.. But am happy cos I got to spend good times with me bro!!

Till then tight lines and kayak safely!!

Off fishing tomorrow

With my brother tomorrow.. It would be his maidan trip out. Though the tide ain’t that nice tomorrow but hey.. It’s worth a try and for him to get use to the kayak!!

Stay tune for my report. Tights lines to all!!

Thanks ActiveSports!!

For sponsering me an accessory of my choice for my kayak fishing expeditions and supporting the Kayak fishing scene in our tropical island.

With so much accessories to choose from it was a tough choice but in the end I’ve chosen with the AE Frame backbone. Of which I will do a review on it to see how much performance I will get out of it..

Hopefully I will get to try it this coming weekend on Sunday. Till then, thanks once again.


Another AE Frame user!!

We have another AE Frame user and that would be my Brother Mark!!! After months of poisoning him, he finally bought his kayak as well!!’

Hope to bring him our soon and get some fishes together just like the good old days when we first started fishing at Singapore River bout 21yrs back!

Can’t wait till our first maiden trip together out sea on our kayaks!!

Fishing Marathon! Lady Luck Shines on the MAGICIAN!

It’s has been awhile since I fished both Saturday and Sunday on my kayak. Esp since my wife started her job with the immigration 🙂 Nonetheless, it was a chance not miss.

On Saturday, the trio, which consist of Merv da “Magician”, Ian aka Pearly and myself went out to the eastern part of Singapore to have a little bit of fun.. It’s was quite a sight to watch Merv pull up in his car with his Kayak strapped above it. Anyway back to the fishing. Off we went to the long stretch of breakwaters.

After awhile of Luring and Baiting, all we managed were weeds and corals LOL…
Then a crazy thought was to paddle to a particular lagoon and try fishing in there as the wave would be less rougher for us and off we went.

Along the way, the trio had regretted the paddle as it would be at least 2hrs before destination… At this point it was a no-return senario, rain was pouring but soon we arrived at the location…. Down went our prawns in search for our fish.. The rain had then died down along with the wind…

“tap.. Tap…” I had a bite I exclaimed … which inturn bent my rod double.. Watching 3/4 of my rod dipping and disappearing into the water next to me always give me the chills on what fish would be at the end of the line.. After a short while the first fish came up!! CHERMIN!!! Now that’s one for the bag.. my bag limit would mainly be 2 fish a trip.. One for myself and one for my grandma 🙂 So another 1 more to target..

Just then Ian had a bite as well… Chermin.. and now we were thinking we were going to hit into a chermin school once again!! Merv da “Magician” then decided to pull up his magic trick.. WHACK!! BARRA!!! After a short tussle.. My god it weight 4kgs on the Boga!! By this time, Ian and myself were all ready to go for the next fish..

But the magician didn’t give us any chance.. in the end, it seems that he was the one that kept on catching the fishes.. with a total of 2 chermins to me… 1 catfish, 1 ang cho, 1 grouper and 1 chermin to Ian.. And the magician had the last laugh of 7 CHERMINS!!! 1 BARRA of 4kgs.. and a very special catch of a Pompano of about 4kgs!!!

We were all then teasing him, that he must really be happy on catching all those fishes but in the process of losing 2 friends LOL… but it was all in good fun. A really happening day for Merv with lady luck showering him with fishes, with 2 happening friends.. What more can I ask for!!

This trip would go down as a historical moment for me to witness such a nice fish caught on the kayak!!
So the theme for the week.. Retro Black and White Photos!! OOoshh!!

Oh and Sunday I blanked!! Haha.. :p