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Fish to destress Day!!

I hereby declare that this Saturday would be a fish to destress Day! After a session with one of the most complicated client that can’t make up her mind, I really need that session of my fix and try out the anchor that was given to me by Merv. Thanks Mate!!

Hopefully this week I can get the exclusive fish on lure.. Bring on the breakwaters!!! Groupers, Barracuda, Snappers I want them all!!!!

Guess only possible in my dreams!! Hehe anycase, stay tune to my report this Saturday and possible Sunday but not confirmed! In the meantime, it’s time to sharpen the hooks and pour on the oil bearings!!


2nd Day of CNY – Reccee

15/02/10 Monday, while most of the Singaporeans Chinese are out visiting I was out in the ocean Reccee’ing for the spot to fish. As I would be doing a favor for Wenlong from Hotspot to bring him out fishing with some important guys. What event is it, I won’t be able to disclose it yet as a form of confidentiality.

Armed with my uncles aka Suntan fishfinder, 2 PVC Tubes which I positioned behind my seat for my rod holders. My RSS10.5 was finally “Mod” up. All that was missing was an anchor. “Which turned out to be the one tool which I needed most” Anyway soon I was out and launched from Sembawang Beach.

Paddling against the wind to the location to reccee, I chanced upon about 2 potiential sites which very nice bottom. However maybe I’ve not gotten use to reading the sounder but I guess over time it would be better.

Finally after about 30mins paddling against the wind.. I was in the area as recommended by Merv. It took me about another 20mins after covering the area that I finally found the drop off from 13ft to about 21ft. With nice terrains and some fish showing.

However as I let go my line I noticed that the current was taking the line another way and was drifting too fast.. I then decided that since I could not fish that area above it I might as well drift around it. Which saw me landing 2 3kg+ catfish.. But no quality fish that day…

Soon I had to go.. Took my bearings from structures around me.. and off I went to paddle against the wind once again back to shore!! One word to describe it all.. SHACKED!!! After all it was about 3 days of kayaking within 4 days!!

The day before Chinese New Year

Just after a fun filled day of fishing yesterday for Merv and a not so good days of fishing for me.. Though I truly enjoyed the company, we decided to head out this time in the morning for just a short trip of 3hrs. As I had to rush back for a Reunion Lunch.

Still pushed with the will to get my CNY fish for 2010 I made sure that all my rigs were up to standard the night before. This time Merv made a short trip to Sincere to get the prawns as it was cheaper and bigger then those at the pond. And we met at the location.

After much pumping and unpacking we were soon all sorted. Kayak fishing for 2 days and I could feel the strength in my arms slowly fading.. LOL .. Anyway after 35mins of paddling we were soon anchor at the same spot.. admiring the kelongs and stuff..

Soon I was into my first fish!! 20lb leader + Mustard Circle Hook!!! “Let you die big time” I said to the fish in my mind as I played the fish up.. While playing I notice that my line was doing a circle shape as I was reeling up!! WOooo CHERMIN I exclaimed to Mervin who was looking at the fight. Up came the fish, all reflective in it’s glory. A chermin close to 1.5kgs.. Woot!!!

Following the day Mervin landed 2 more chermins, 1 small ang cho whereas I lost 2 more!! “Luck still haven recovered in full but surely making a come back”

Soon we had to call it a day and head back. Paddling against the wind like crazy.. Only to go back to the car to find that a dog had taken a leak at one of my tires!!

Pre-CNY fishing trip

On the 12/02/10, Friday, our company was close for the day. So Mervin and myself decided to head out to a spot in the west side that was reccomended by one of my friends to try..

After only having 4hrs of nap and waking up extra early to finish up on some work that I had to do before I go, I met up with Merv at about 1330hrs to make it for the out going tide…

We got our prawns sorted out at Taman Jurong Fishing Pond which cost us a bomb .. I reckon about S$5 a 100grams!!! Anywayz got our prawns and off to the location..

Setting up was a breeze as usual and soon we were on our way.. This trip out I had my Uncles Fish Finder on board the RSS10, it was quite fun to be able to have ‘EYES’ to see the terrain below us. However I did notice because of the fish finder.. I had more paddling time and less fishing time, as I was trying to find for spots more then fishing.

Soon Merv found a hot spot.. Just a small stretch of about 10mtrs by 10mtrs and there was a drop from 16ft to 25ft. I soon clipped on to the mother ship once he was anchor and we were on the way fishing.

Time was passing slowly at first till the fish started biting. I was first onto one fish.. Man it had some weight on it. But 10secs laterly it went slack, only to realize that the leader broke. Just as that happen, Merv went into a fish that took some line out too just the same.. Heavy… but this time he caught the fish. A nice decent chermin..

Through out the day I lost EVERY SINGLE FISH!!! All 6-7 of them!! It just had to be one of those days!! Whereas Merv caught 5 chermins.. Even when he showed and tied for me his secret rig.. I got into a fish with him at the same time.. Out comes a chermin for him.. and a CATFISH for me.!!! Talk about conspiracy!!

Anyway we ended the day on a high.. and decided to give it a go tomorrow again!!

Merv was kind enough to give me 2 pieces of his chermin which became one of the fishes for dinner!! Thanks mate 🙂