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My 1st Trip to Sedili

Never really been back out to deep sea fishing since my last trip to Tg.Pinang in 2004. When our boat was boarded by their “very own pirates” pointing AK47’s at the members. Frozen back in time, I still remember how dangerous that situation was and esp, when Sharon was there with me on her first trip out to a 3D2N trip.

Fast Forward another 7years and here I was going to give Sedili a try. However due to some unfortunate circumstances, Don had to pull out his slot. We all met up really early at the meeting point at 0230hrs on a Saturday Morning. After getting to know the rest of the people that I was going to fish with.. We move on to our destination!

First stop was to get 150pcs of prawns in the middle of the night. With some confusion of the shop location as the owner moved house. We finally sorted it out and before we knew it, we were on the boat heading out to sea at approximate 545am! I took a quick nap and work up at about 715 and managed to catch a nice sunrise!

As I looked around, everyone’s Weapons was in place and ready for the big one!

We reach the first stop and hoping to land the big one came to everyone’s mind. But it was not meant to be. No signs of the much said tenggiri aka spanish macks! All we had were fishes that look quite abit like baby bonito cross with Kambong!

We changed almost 2 spots.. along the way picking up their bubu traps they have laid previously.
Total catch from those bubu were 1 lobster!!! 2 groupers about 7.5kg and 3kg respectivily and some others snappers!!

On one spot, I managed to land a nice decent red emperor! Taken on a live Selar!

Soon most of the anglers were knocked out by the extreme choppy waters! Human Berley were been contributed to the ocean! Soon it was time to head back. It was really really really poor catch that day. However the company was great! The weather was abit unkind to us and the fish weren’t around to play. Well guess it happens when it comes to fishing. We always have that sort of days even on the kayaks.

Here’s some of the catch of the day!

Here’s me with an under-exposed photo with the monster grouper!

Here’s Zul cleanin up the fishes for the guys!

Here’s me helping Zul, descale all the fishes!

After all is done and we washed up at the jetty, we all headed for a feast that was fit for the kings!!

Thanks guys for the wonderful trip out! Maybe next time, the seas would be kind to us and provide us with better weather and better day’s of fishing! At least all of us manage to bring back an estimate of 6kgs of fish 🙂 Thanks Zul for organizing such a trip 🙂


A much needed trip to destress!

Another busy week passed and all of us were aching to launch today. The original plan was to have Philip, Don, Jimbosan + his bro Kelvin and myself out yaking. However Philip caught a cold and was out for this trip. Rest well mate!!

As usual we met up at our weekly morning breakfast coffee-shop before heading to get our prawns. Bump into Merv the fish magnet + Ian the captain! After a short conversation we parted ways to our launch sites

We parked and starting our unpacking. Don had a rough morning with his echo-sounder not working on his cables and by mistake he left both of his rods at his carpark since last night. Thankfully to Jimmy, he identified the issue was the fuse and he had one in his car! After a few modifications, Don’s echo-sounder came to life. A delightful shout ‘IT”S ALIVE!!’ Filled the air as Don was all excited.

Another good news was that his rods were still at the carpark and was safely kept by his Dad!! Thankfully Jimmy once again had a spare rod to borrow and soon we were out to do what we suppose to do. YAK FISHING!!!

Here’s Jimmy on his FeelFree Moken! Really nice yak!

Don da Man!

After a short while of paddling against the current, we finally reach the spot!
Time for my trusty GPS to lead me the way! With the sounder showing a drop from 9ft to 13ft with some rocky bottoms. Down our prawns went!

EchoSounder reading.

GPS directional help! Can’t live without now a days on my yak! No more unnecessary searching with pin point accuracy!

First in to a fish was Don with a juvenile Ang Cho! He was soon on a roll with a couple of more. However releasing every one of them! I think there were a couple of pictures taken by Jimmy. Lets wait for them.
Jimmy on the other hand had a few fishes as well on that spot.

As for myself I managed to bag myself a tiger grouper from it!

With a smaller grouper to follow up which was promptly released.

The smell of freedom!

In the end I took back 2 Ang Cho and my tiger grouper for the plates whereas the rest of the fish caught were all released. We had to rush back to our launch point as we could see a huge thunder storm coming from our backs with the occasional lighting flashes. All rods were then kept low.

We also bumped into a fellow kayak’er on a tequlia. Hope you had a good days of fishing today. Overall it was quite a shiong trip as we had to kept on paddling back to spot as the drift was strong today. Nonetheless still a fun trip!